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Strokes Of Genius….

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration, Strokes Of Genius... by Miss Circumstance on May 16, 2010

This stroke of genius I saw while I was watching Bravo’s new show Design By 9. This show is awesome…it follows a New York couple with seven- yes seven, kids. They build amazing homes and have a design firm called Sixx Design.

They do really cool, extremely modern yet cozily vintage spaces. They mix the colorful and bold with the eclectic and well-worn. Anyways, back to the point- one of the things they did was use a garage door where a window would have been. In New York (and other cities), the buildings and flats often have floor to ceiling windows, so they used a garage door that had windows as panels instead of a regular window. That way when it is a beautiful day, or they have a party they can just open the garage door and it opens right out onto the patio and deck. Genius!

Now, I don’t think anyone I know would ever actually be able to do this idea, but it is fun to dream and file it away just in case…you never know:-)

Here are some other Sixx Design images:

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