Pomp And Circumstance

Ode To The Flea

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on June 6, 2010

Today a friend and I hit the De Anza Flea Market. I had never been before, so today we hopped in the van around 7:30 am and headed over the hill, in the opposite direction of every other person. Oh yes, as people were preparing to drive away from the 90 degree heat and to the beach we were heading right smack into it- and to a paved parking lot no less.

I definitely learned some things and will go next time a little more prepared and with certain things in mind. And those certain things would be jewelry and books. This place is a jackpot for jewelery- awesome jewelry of all kinds. I like the big chunky kind. Not so much costume jewelry, but big vintage looking cocktail rings, silver cuff bracelets, gold and silver chain necklaces with big pendants…that kind of stuff. I could drop a big wad just on jewelery here. And the books……there were booth after booth of books. I like looking for old classics with hard covers and illustrations right in the cover. And cool looking kids books. And cool design books. I took some pictures while I was there, but it was from my phone so they are not the best, but you’ll get the idea

Just one of the many racks of vintage bracelets

Another case full of great finds

A bizarre book a almost got for my sis just cause I know she'd get a kick out of it 🙂

This was only $39!! If I had more money I would have grabbed one in a second.

This last one is what I actually came home with. Look at how much self control I practiced! The earrings are old clip-ons that I am going to make into a big ol’ ring. I guess two big ol’ rings. The books were only $1 each and the earrings were $3.


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