Pomp And Circumstance

Color Not Your Thing?

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on June 26, 2010

If you play for the “is there any other way to go besides neutrals and creams” team, then look at this great room care of Lonny Magazine (my new favorite online place. Just you wait….there will be several nods to Lonny)

 It’s super well executed. Even with all the brown in there, it doesn’t scream “broooown!!”. One thing that I notice is the several places he used live plants or greens. That green makes a big difference. I also love the tufted bench, which looks like a twin size futon that is laid flat. I’m sure it’s not….I’m sure it’s some thousands of dollars fancy bench, but I think if you had a big enough room, a futon could be a great solution (do they even make twin size futons?? I don’t know). He also used a lot of textures- well worn leather, fuzzy throw, natural driftwood looking table, glazed pottery. That also helps break up the brownness. And the beyond high walls all painted white and bathed in light help too:-)


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