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My Friend Is Getting Married Today:-)

Posted in Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on July 24, 2010

My sweet friend Lulu (not her real name, but a term of endearment my family has bestowed upon her. We seem to have a thing for repetitive, two-syllable nicknames. Mimi, Titi, Lulu, Papa…who knows why). Lulu is also Miss Pomps wonderful dear friend, and so we have had wedding on the brain lately. I happen to be going through my sis’ wedding pictures two days ago, because, you know, when more than a year goes by after the wedding is the logical time to order pictures from said event, right?? So here are some where my boys are hogging the frame –

Wedding days are great days, even if it is not your own wedding. I was listening to the mix I made for my sis’ wedding today as I was painting Van’s room (my 3 year old). I love listening to it because it reminds me of her, and how great and joyful that day was. Happy wedding day Lulu!

*All photographs done by Kelly McCord Photography

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  1. LuLu said, on August 23, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    I’m famous now!! 😉

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