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Before and After: A Bunch of Sticks

Posted in Before and After, Circumstance's Home, D.I.Y., Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on July 31, 2010

My mom gave me a bunch of sticks that she got for free from a floral mart. I knew I liked them but felt like they needed a little “something”.  A couple weeks before, my husband brought home this awesome, giant, thick-glassed vase that was left behind at an event that he worked at. Sticks, meet my new friend vase. Vase…..sticks.

Here is the before of the sticks (not that you need an image to know what a bunch of sticks looks like, but it helps with the impact of the after shot):

I got another can of Rust Oleum Glossy Red paint (my new favorite apparently), and sprayed. Note to users: should you have long blonde hair, you may want to tie it back when you spray paint stuff. You may or may not end up with slightly pink hair due to spray residue. Here is the after:

With a free vase, free sticks, a can of spray paint, and some white beans at the store, it’s a pretty easy low key project (with the unexpected aftermath of pink hair)

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