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Holy Lampshades Batman…..

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I know- I am overdoing it a bit on lamps and shades. But here’s another one because that doesn’t seem to stop me.

I also got this lamp base and shade at the Goodwill for under $10. The shade wasn’t horrible but didn’t do anything for it. I had this fabric that is actually a bedspread tapestry thing from Urban Outfitters (which, by the way is a great tip if you are looking for lots of fabric. Urban Outfitters website often will have these go on sale, and they are large pieces of fabric. Lots of bang for your buck.)

Nothing fancy, nothing to write home about (although apparently blog-worthy), but it’s a detail thing. I totally am a believer that a lot of decorating is in the detail. If you have a room with great stuff, and a great layout, and great accessories, and a rolf-worthy garbage can in the corner it will mess it all up.

Anyways, covering a lampshade is super easy. You just need fabric (duh), a pencil, good scissors, and I like to use a hot glue gun. A tip to cutting the fabric is to lay the shade on it’s side on the backside of the fabric, and trace with your pencil onto the fabric as you roll the lampshade across it. You can make a tiny mark on the shade so you know where you started tracing, and then that is also where you stop tracing. Do this on the top of the shade and on the bottom of the shade, and then cut about half on inch wider than that on each side, so you have enough to wrap it over the edges of the shade and hot glue it on the inside. Also cut about 1 1/2″ longer than the piece you traced to allow for overlap, and the folding over of the raw edge. This stuff is hard to articulate in writing with no visuals, so I found one for ya….

This is the part where you trace the edges onto the back side of the fabric

When I get better at this whole blogging thing, I will think to take pictures myself as I am doing this stuff, not after the fact where hindsight is 20-20!

*Image via fatorangecat.wordpress.com


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