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Do You Need More Black In Your Life?

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on November 26, 2010

This is the first black friday in many years (like eight) that I am sitting in bed blogging instead of rolling out of bed when it’s still dark, and hoping that this year will be the year that Anthropologie has some kind of extra sale deal thingy going on that they just didn’t tell anybody about. It’s a funny year – Miss Pomp is up with her In-laws, my best friend is at the bitter stage of “I’m actually pretty sure I’m never gonna have this baby” pregnant (she’s due today), my other black friday compadre just had her baby two days ago, which leaves my mom and I. And neither of us is really that motivated. The power of black friday is in the group. We lost the power of the group. We have lost our power. We stay home in bed with coffee.

In honor of black friday I thought I’d share some killa rooms with black paint on the walls. I tried to talk my just-had-a-baby friend into painting some black in her new house, but I think I freaked her out. So take a look and see if you think you could do it.

from Lonny Mag

from Apartment Therapy

from Digs Digs

The high-gloss white cane chairs really make this room. High gloss white against a black wall or floor = goodness.


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