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Just Like A Circus

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(On me ~ Dress – Anthropologie, Shoes – Manolo Blahnik, Ring – Anthropologie

On Her ~ Dress – Corey Lynn Calter

On Both ~ Awesome Top Hats – A Cheesy Costume Shop)

Just stumbled on these photos from a fun circus-themed event Miss Circumstance and I went to a while back.

I need to find more excuses to wear a top hat.

Sneak Peek

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I am working on a room for a client (we’ll call her Miss Divine, cause she is oh-so-divine) where we are repurposing a lot of used furniture. This is one of my favorite things to do, because I love seeing things for beyond their current state of shabbiness, and creating and transforming them into their new state of bomb-ness. Fun for me and my clients, bummer for my husband and my teeny garage. Here is a sneak peek into the “before’s”-

These I got from the Goodwill for $10 each. We’ll paint them and recover them, and tuck them next the coffee table for extra seating or foot stools.

This thing I got for free from a lighting store. It is what all the electrical wire comes wrapped around. The plan is to paint it and make it shorter and turn it into a coffee table, although it might be to heavy feeling and “weighty” for the room. Yes, I want to punch me too when I use words light weighty to describe a piece of furniture.

And these beauties where a steal from a local furniture store. These cane style chairs are pretty in right now, so they can be expensive. They’re chic and comfortable! They will be painted and recovered. Goodbye old lady speckled brown chair, and hello saucy new friend.

And, yeah. My garage is a dump.

Is There Really Any Such Thing As Too Many Stripes?

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Hello, my name is Miss Pomp, and I’m addicted to stripes.

I can’t get enough of them…everytime I see something striped, it’s automatically more appealing to me than something that is not striped, and I am MUCH more likely to buy it. (Striped sheet set – check, striped shower curtain – check, striped bath mat – check, striped shirts, dresses, and pillows – check, check, check).

So, while I already own a Ca-Razy amount of striped things, I have found yet more that I am currently craving.

On the top of my striped wishlist:

Madewell Set Sail Shorts

Saint James Meridien ii tee

And I’m picturing this topping off all of my striped ensembles:

What’s on your current most wanted list?

Shine The Light

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You may have seen one or two of these pictures hoofin’ it around the web before (I may have even posted it before….can’t remember), but, I have never seen images of the whole house before. So here is a super cool, super chic, super lovely, and super simple yet very thoughtful house tour of some crazy townhouse in Brooklyn. There is some amazing detail in this house, and I am down with trying to copy that thing above the fireplace, once I can figure out what it is.

Look at how beautiful white and wood can be. This house almost has an absence of color, but it is so warm and cozy. The guy knows how to work some wood- he made all the wood stuff himself, including that beautiful come-to-momma table. And did you notice those awesome lights sticking out of the wall of their even cooler loft guest bedroom above the kitchen dining area? You can check out their website and company at The Brooklyn Home Company

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Good Will Hunting

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This mustardy velvet beauty was leaning against the wall yesterday at the Goodwill drop-off. I said “uuuhhhhh…..am I allowed to buy things from back here yet?”, as I was dropping off my bags of junk. I took her home for 7 bucks. It could fall into the category of Elvis Gracelandish, but I think it’s pretty sweet. It’s so typically me to buy a head-board that I now need to get a whole new bed frame for. I think I want to put it in Van’s room, but his current bed is an old vintage wrought iron one. The kind where the bed rails, head-board, and foot board are all one unit. Until then, I say “Welcome home” to my awesome new yellow velvet head-board. I mean Van’s new yellow velvet head-board.

Welcome Home Mr. & Mrs.

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I ordered this little beauty of a package over a week ago, and have been eagerly checking the front door step each day when I come home from work…And today, there she was. Hello beautiful things, welcome to your new home.

I ordered a few odds and ends, but this ladies and gentlemen, is the item I was most excited about. And let me tell you, beautiful objects come in beautiful packages….

There they are!  The new Mr. and Mrs. Shakers, at home in my kitchen.

Sir Mix A Lot

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on January 19, 2011

Miss Pomp and I were trying to pick fabrics for a tons-o throw pillows and furniture re-upholstering that we’re working on. And friends can I just say mixing patterns and fabrics is tricky. We had about 15 bolts of fabric spread out on some table, that I am sure the intention was for an actual working person to help customers, not for us two freaky freaks to stand and stare at fabrics for 30 minutes whilst trying to decide what the Jimmy Fallon works together and what doesn’t. On the Nate Berkus show the other day he did a segment on whites, and how you can do an entire room in various shades of white and ivory, but you gotta mix up textures for it to works. Leathers, nubby linens, wools, faux fur, all that stuff. Mix it all together. So that’s helpful.

Jonathan Adler’s Happy Chic book has some cool pictures in it that show you examples of mixing fabrics and patterns together-

I literally carried this book into the fabric store and carried it around so I could look at it and see what he put together. Like a little instruction sheet.


This lady knows how to bust out some crazy mixing. She’s a Ma’m-Mix-A-Lot. I’d be scared to put together what she did, but I love it. It’s super fresh and unique, and somehow not chaotic. It’s really cohesive.

Here’s some other images to get your brains stretched to venture out of the world of the expected and into the unknown territory of mixing things that don’t seem to actually go together!

By the way, all those fabrics above are from LS Fabrics. I wasn’t familiar with this company by name, but was poking around their site and recognized several of their fabrics from local fabric stores. But……..they have way better ones on this site than I’ve ever seen in any store. What’s up with that?!

Wylie Weddings

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A few months back, one of my extremely creative and talented friends told me she was gathering a group of her other extremely creative and talented friends to start a comprehensive event design, planning and production company. And such was born Wylie Weddings.

She has since built a team including a photographer, baker, graphic designer, florist…basically, if you need it for a wedding or event, they’ve got it, and they’re dang good at it.

So when they asked my incredibly good looking husband and I to be their bride and groom for a photoshoot, we jumped at the opportunity to spend a day with such fun and creative people.

We had a total blast, and made some great new friends in the process.  Check out some of the pics below, and see the entire shoot here.

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I was poking around online for some inspiration for a room I am designing, and came across this picture. What caught my eye was two things- 1. The rad old-school auditorium seating (not at all what I need for the space I am working on, but still cool), and 2. The wallpaper. But guess what? That’s not wallpaper. It’s hand stenciled. This dude took freezer paper (don’t actually know what that is), and hand cut 550 circles out of it. He tossed the circles themselves and used the sheet of paper with the cut outs and stenciled on the circles. Ummmmmm…….what the what?!?! And would I do this myself? SNA-to-the-NAP I would.

Image courtesy of Design Sponge

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If You Follow The Gray Stone Path

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(Hat – Urban Outfitters, Purse – Anthropologie, Jacket – Urban Outfitters, Shirt – H&M, Scarf – Courtesy of Ambiance in the Capitola Mall, Boots – Frye)

I refer to this jacket as my “Hawaii 5-0 jacket”. It’s silky and white, and perfectly suited for summertime.  “Too bad for you” says the weather, “I’m going to rain on you while you walk to work”.

Layering is the only way I don’t get hypothermia during the winter months. I only ever want to wear shorts, and breezy tops….so I layer, and add a cozy warm scarf and tights to every outfit, and thus don’t freeze to death.

I’m counting down to spring time.