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Mama Mimi

Posted in D.I.Y., Uncategorized by Miss Circumstance on January 12, 2011

This is what all of us kids got my mom for Christmas this year. My mom, Mimi as she is called by my kids. And us I guess. Miss Pomp is Titi, and lets just say we have all been known to refer to each of them as Titi and Mimi, even if there is ner a grandchild or nephew to be found. Sentences like “Titi is ty-ard” are often spoken in the first person, and “Heeeeyyyyy Tiiiiiii-Tiiiiii” are yelled out by a certain Titi’s husband when they are the only two goon-berries around. My mom has started a cookie company, since she has the best cookies ever. Like really really good, hearty hefty, killer ingredients, kick-your-butt-you-other-wimpy-cookies cookies. She’s got them in a restaurant (Smoqe- my linky things not working so here is the site http://www.smoqe.com/home.html), and a coffee house (Verve  http://www.vervecoffeeroasters.com/). So she’s legit. And any legit business needs a website and business cards. Hence her Christmas present. We made her these business cards with balsa wood and a customized rubber stamp. We knew she couldn’t have no run of the mill paper business card. She’s like me, (or I should say I’m like her), and she loves things that are just a bit out the ordinary, and not-everybody-has-this kind of fare. Balsa wood is pretty great stuff. It’s thin enough to be cut like paper, and is actually moldable (with a little steam and some magic with the fingers). When her business grows, this won’t be the best plan for mass producing cards, but it’s a fun start till we can get her some professionally screen printed cards on balsa wood, or however they do that.

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  1. mary jordan said, on January 13, 2011 at 7:43 am

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! i always want to comment on my girls posts, but i usually refrain because i am a llitle biased when it comes to my family, but this one’s about me, so i decided to comment. all i do is make the cookies, and you girls are the brains and creativity of the world’s smallest cookie company. so…thankyou miss pomp, and miss circumstance for your encouragement, your patience, your wisdom, your humor…everything about you is a delight to this mama, and this mimi. words do not do justice at how much i love you. the closest i can come is to describe you, is that you are “beautiful.” the meaning of which is “a thing of beauty, in which there can be nothing added, or taken nothing away.”..in other words…perfect. thank you

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