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But I Love It When You Come Over To My House

Posted in Decor Files, Fashion Files, Inspiration, Uncategorized by Miss Circumstance on February 21, 2011

Saturday Miss Pomp and I headed up to the city to spend the day with our friend Ashley of The Love Letters Blog. It rained cats and dogs the whole day, and it was the first time I discovered that my Frye boots, while fabulous, are not in fact waterproof. Ashley is a city resident, and took us to a bunch of cute and clever boutiques, a very Santa-Cruz-y coffee shop (Four Barrels), and a little coffee/lunch spot that I have no idea what the name was, where I had some of the best cream of mushroom soup.

The first place we went to was a kids store called Paxton’s Gate Curiosities For Kids. I didn’t have my camera so I took pictures with my iphone, which really doesn’t do the place justice, but here ya go. The store is visually soooo creative and magical.

This is the kids coloring area, that is all made out of wood and some petrified tree stuff. Even those things that look like rope are tree branches. That warm wood tone makes it so, um……warm feeling.

This is when you first walk in, and they have this giant, twisty, hole-y tree thing that goes all the way up and all around the ceiling. It’s awesome.

This is of course- cause every store needs one, the shadow puppet area, where Miss Pomp tried to perfect her elephant shadow puppet. It looked like a mangled hand.

The kids playing with weapons

This pictures horrible, but I thought these were so cute I wanted to show you anyways. I also am partial to felt, so, beans. But these are felt princess crowns! How cute is that? And I guess the one next to it is some kind of strawberry crown thing, although I don’t know in what scenario you would have a strawberry on your head. But I don’t have the imagination of a kid anymore dangit.

The next place we went was Bell Jar, which has gotten lots of attention and write-ups as one the places to visit whilst in SF. It was much tinier than I expected, but charming and home to one of the most gorgeous wallpapers I have seen on a wall in a long time. I asked where it was from- they didn’t know.

After about 40 minutes in the dressing room and lots of laughing, we didn’t buy a single thing. Silly girls.

Next was Room Service.

OH SNAP. I loved this store. It’s a lower priced Jonathan Adler. Pretty, shiny, a bit pop-y, colorful, and beautiful.

Why hello couch of my dreams.

Next we hit some clothing stores where Miss Pomp basically treated me to a new wardrobe. I love my sister…..not because she buys me stuff, but because she is such a generous and cheerful giver. She loves to give. It makes her happy. I love that about her.

Now, Ashley is a fashion blogger. One of the things that she is really good at is putting together outfits, and dressing for your body type. I found a skirt I really liked, and asked her to pick me out a top for it, and then we went from there. It was soooo helpful. Where I get in trouble is I’ll go shopping and come home with 4 striped shirts, and yet I have no new “outifts”. I don’t think in outfits. Ya gotta think in outfits.

So Ashley picked out the greatest sweater with elbow patches for me (which I probably never would have grabbed cause it looked too cropped on the hanger), and then we picked out a few things that mix and match with those pieces. She is rad and it helped me a ton. This is what I came home with-

Navy linen wide leg pants, camel past the knee chiffon pleated skirt, stripe shirt, striped sweater, all H&M. Grey tank and Sam Edelman sandals are from Ashely’s shop Villian’s. I think I just need a feminine floral scarf or cardigan and I’m good. Pshttt…..listen to me thinkin’ I’m all Miss Pomp.

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  1. […] More Room Service finds. Those grey tufted chairs are heaven…..deeply tufted and plush. They would go just smashingly with the velvet charcoal grey couch of my dreams. […]

  2. […] these awesome SUPER FLARE jeans and printed top on our most recent sisters-in-the-city trip a couple weekends ago. I went into the day with a pretty strict list of what I was looking […]

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