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Sometimes I Just Want It To Slow Down (SF adventures part deux)

Posted in Decor Files, Fashion Files by Miss Circumstance on February 23, 2011

This was from Paxton Gate’s big people store. What caught my eye was the lighting in the top. Pretty sure it’s just from Ikea, and they just drilled a little hole in the top corner to run the plug through. How cool would that be in your house? Unusual for a home, but I like that. Just like having a lighted mirror in your closet. I like things that make your dressing area feel like a room, and lighting is key to that. It could serve as nice mood lighting and like a little lamp.

More Room Service finds. Those grey tufted chairs are heaven…..deeply tufted and plush. They would go just smashingly with the velvet charcoal grey couch of my dreams.

This is an outfit that didn’t come home with me, but it was one that Ashley put together. Silky camel slightly cropped pleated front pants. What the what?! I know….but they are super cute. And something I probably owned in high school like half the other stuff in stores right now that I got rid of cause I thought it was oh-so-ugly about 10 years ago. Sheesh I feel old. The “sweater” is dark grey with gold fleck things in it and hole-y. I know. But it was out of the box for me and I need something like that. Something that not everybody else is wearing and makes me feel like I really thought about what I put on.

A day in the life.


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  1. Twirly Skirts said, on February 23, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    That outfit is cute! Also, where did you get the leopard coat you are wearing in the picture with the lamp?! LOVE IT

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