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DIY Balsa Wood Pendant Light Fixture

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on March 24, 2011

I made this pendant for The Fine Miss Divine’s downstairs room that I recently finished making over. Pics and posts to come on that soon, but I thought I’d start with this light fixture. It is so easy, and so cheap.


4 Balsa Wood Strips (choose size and length to your liking. Don’t get it too thick because it has to bend and mold)

Hot Glue

Lamp Kit

Gold Paint

Paint Brush

Step 1- I wanted thinner strips of wood so I cut my balsa wood strips in half length-wise. This gave me twice the amount of strips.

Step 2- using an exacto-knife, cut a small square, large enough for a cord to fit through, on one end of every strip of wood. Be sure not to do it too close to the edge. You don’t want it to crack.

Step 3- Boil water in a tea-pot and put on some rubber gloves. Hold each strip of wood over the steam and slowly mold them into the shape of a half circle. This doesn’t actually take very long. The wood molds pretty easy, but don’t use too much pressure….it will break. Just work with it and continue holding it over the steam, slowly bending and working your way down the strip.

Step 4- Once all strips have been bent, hot glue one end of one strip, to another end of a different strip, making sure to line up your little square holes you cut for the cord to go through. If you look at the bottom of the fixture in the second picture, you can see how one end of each strip gets layered and hot glued over the other. It is the same at the top of the fixture.

Step 5- I used Gold Acrylic Paint from an art supply store and painted the inside to give a warm gold reflection when the light is turned on.

Step 6- Follow the instructions on your lamp kit to actually make it a light fixture. You can get these lamp kits from any home improvement store.

The one thing I would do differently it use fishing line to tie at the top and the bottom to help keep its shape as it hangs over time. I can tell it has sagged a bit from the time I made it to when I took this picture. But otherwise I love it, and you can make it big or small depending on where you want to use it. It would be great over a dining table or in an entry way, or smaller versions flanking a bed.

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  1. northofseven said, on May 11, 2012 at 7:21 am

    This is amazing! I’ve been searching for DIY wood lights like this as I had this idea to make one out of embroidery hoops as I have been obsessed with this type of light shade for awhile. This is really much simpler and looks amazing! Great touch on the paint on the inside!

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