Pomp And Circumstance

Wasting Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Miss Circumstance on April 1, 2011

I found this website (Behind The Dressing Room Door) that has all the old Anthropologie catalogs to flip through. Yup, all. Way on back to 2004. I was flipping through them cause I’m an idiot and was trying to see if I could find a shirt in there that I have had for a couple of years, to see if I could find the name of it, to see if I still had the receipt for it, because I have only worn in like two times and wanted to take it back. Which, sidenote, is one reason I love shopping there and am happy to give them my business because if you have a receipt you can return anything, no matter how long you have had it.

As I was wasting time looking, I was reminded how much I love thee Anthropologie. I love just looking at the images in the catalog. I don’t always love all the clothes, but visually it’s a treat for the eyes. Here are some favorites, either for their creativity, or just the awesomeness of the piece-

And now for the ugliest thing I think they have ever sold-

I remember when these came out, and I remember thinking “Good God what the heck are those??”. I get the idea, but the opening for the foot is about 8 inches too wide. Those are some highly unflattering shoes toots.


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