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The Man Cave: Breakdown and Sources

Posted in Decor Files, P&C Portfolio by Miss Circumstance on April 15, 2011

The Charge: create a space where teenage and not-so-teenage dudes can flop down, hang out, and play video games, whilst also allowing for overnight guests. So the couch HAD to be a futon or convertible sofa. So that’s where I started.

It was important to pick the couch first, because depending on the fabric and style that was chosen, it would dictate the fabric and style of the rest of the pieces. And there are way less choices in futons and convertible things. But I actually love the one I picked. I love the over-sized tufting and whiskey colored leather, while the shiny chrome base bring the modern in. And I got the flop-down-and-let-out-a-wierd-uuuuuuhhhhh grunt of approval on the comfort factor from the dude. So I took that as a thumbs up.

I originally wanted to go with a round coffee table to break up the shapes, but I found this one at a yard sale for $10. Uh, sold. It would have ben too much brown and too heavy if I left the whole thing how it was, so I painted the under side a very pale grey to lighten it up. The top is all uneven and imperfect. I like that. It looks natural and organic. It ended up working better than a round because the space is super tight. I don’t think a round would have actually fit as well.

The ottomans in there all double as seats, should there be some huge shooting tournament or something.

Silver pouf too girly for a man-cave? I think not. Only if I refer to it as a pouf. No poufing. I wanted something shiny and reflective to un-dull it up.

This thing was my token piece of awesomeness. I thought it was just a cool sculptural piece of wood until I brought it up to the register and the guy said “Isn’t that a cool tooth??”. It’s a tooth. And it actually has a little plaque on it with some random dentist’s name on it. But I like oddities like that. And this family appreciates oddities.

SIDE NOTE: I had the most awkward 15 second dance party with this guy ever. I was asking him a question at the counter and that Madonna Justin Timberlake song came on, and I said “oh I love this song”, and sang the friky friky part. Then he sang “four minutes what”. Then we sat there for a second and I said “ok bye”, and left. But I now feel like we have crossed a barrier in the customer-owner world and I will get to know him better. There’s no going back. We had a moment.

So, in a nut shell, I pay attention to material and texture when I am choosing pieces. Leather couch, wood table, metallic non-pouf, metal side table, ceramic drum stool thing, shiny white modern lacquer, natural seagrass, etc. That is what helps bring dimension to a room and keep it from feeling dull. I kept the main pieces pretty neutral and brought color in the pillows. They are easy to change if you get bored.

Oh….the paint! I was really excited about how the paint turned out.

I wanted to create the sense of more architecture, which kind of brought in a library like feel to me. So we just used Frog Tape and paint. That’s it. It’s just taped off. And I looove this paint color. (listed below). See more pictures of the Man-Cave here.


Couch- Overstock

Pillows- Hand made DIY

Wall Art- Kiki and Polly (Etsy)

Rug- Ikea

Coffee table, yellow candle holders, lamp, chairs – Thrifted/Second Hand (Good call  Rufus’ Food and Spirit Guide guy)

Ceramic Stool/Side Table- Ross

Circle Side Table- Marshall’s

Media Console- Ikea

Hanging Pendant Light- DIY

Metallic Pouf- Nate Berkus for HSN

Number Ottomans- Thrifted DIY

Paint- Martha Stewart Rain Water


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  1. Cindy said, on April 15, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    What about the striped pot that holds the fern? I want that!!!

    • Miss Circumstance said, on April 15, 2011 at 6:14 pm

      Believe it or not that’s home depot….isn’t it nice when that’s the answer, and not “oh yes that’s Jonathan Adler and it can be yours for $250.”

  2. Fiona said, on December 27, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Wow. You sold me on futons. Not just futons but leather futons. I always passed it up on Overstock.com but the color is less red and more brown. Did you buy the Pascoe Dark Brown? Or is it a color that is no longer available?


    • Miss Circumstance said, on January 4, 2012 at 9:12 am

      Hi Fiona! Thanks for the comment:-). That is the exact one that I got, and I was impressed with it in person. It’s always risky buying a couch without seeing it in person, but I was super happy with it.

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