Pomp And Circumstance

Easter Weekend Round Up

Posted in Uncategorized by Miss Circumstance on April 25, 2011

How was everybody’s weekend? We had a fully loaded sugar smack down three-day rager, filled with egg hunts times three and multiple notable quotes and moments. Such as-

“I am going to set my alarm, drink champagne, and wear my tiara.” My grandma sharing her plan to watch the royal wedding at 1 am.

My Dad- “Jaden, do you love your Uncle Jonathan or what”, Jaden- “Yeah I have to go potty”, and proceeds to drop trou’ and pee in bushes

My friend Steven– “I believe it is my destiny to one day be American Ninja Warrior”. He really can scale buildings like some freak of Spiderman nature. And he can hang from his arms for a really long time. Check out his coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs fingers

Miss Pomp also got blamed for the false start of about 150 2nd-3rd grade kids who were scraping their foot on the ground like a raging bull to get to mass amounts of hidden eggs at our churches annual Easter egg hunt. It wasn’t really her. Her voice just hits crazy high pitch octave range sometimes…..she’s just the loudest.

My husband was in bed sick Easter Sunday, and somehow this is one of only about three pictures I ended up with from the weekend. And none of them have all of our family in it. So Uncle Jonathan will be the stand-in Dad for the day. It’s good for a kid to have stand-in dads. We gotta help each other out.

And just for fun…

Hits the charmingly creepy nail right on the head, no?


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