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Adding Architectural Detail

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on April 27, 2011

I came across this excellent step-by-step for adding chair rails and paneling to walls (maybe from Lonny Mag?? I can’t remember unfortunately). I loooveeee these.  It is really just a few strips of wood, but it makes the biggest difference. I’ve done it before the po’ man way, faking my way through with tape and paint, but nothing’ beats the real deal.

Last week I went to the recycled construction place, bought me some honkin’ strips of wood(for 4 dollars- holla), cut them, nailed them, caulked them, and even smoothed the caulk with my finger all by myself! I even pounded the nails in with that metal thingy that indents them a bit so you can put wood filler over the top to smooth it out. And I smoothed out all the seams and gaps with caulk and wood filler. How do ya’ like them apples??

This is the weird pass through room that is Van’s (please excuse the janky Iphone photo), and it goes right into our bedroom. You can’t tell from this picture but behind the second door is about an 8 foot long wall that stops about where that second runner stops, and before the first door is a tiny non-hallway hall that you can begin to see. My plan is to try to bring it all together by painting the bottom a so-dark-charcoal-grey-it-almost-looks-black (done), add a chair rail on the top of it all (halfway done), wallpaper the top half of all those walls in one wallpaper (ordered, can’t wait to show you. You’ll love it. It’s pretty much the bomb), and then do the faux po’ man paneling on the bottom with white paint.

Hopefully sometime this decade I’ll finish.

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  1. […] half-hallway that is currently under decoruction (decorating construction). I talked about the plan here, and on the wall that you can’t see in the photo in my bedroom is where I want to put this. […]

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