Pomp And Circumstance

Oversized Photographs On Canvas

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on May 6, 2011

Remember this pic? I snapped it with my Iphone awhile back in Anthropologie, and I have had it in my mind to blow way way up (in black and white or sepia I think), and hang in my weird half-hallway that is currently under decoruction (decorating construction). I talked about the plan here, and on the wall that you can’t see in the photo in my bedroom is where I want to put this. Phew. That was a lot of words for something not so complicated.

It is a lot of doubloons to get these things printed on canvas! If you want it large and in charge like I do, it’s a couple hundred dollars, if not upwards toward three.

This girl did this on adhesive backed fabric from a website called Wizard Prints. Pricing looks pretty good, although I don’t see a straight up fabric option. I see an adhesive vinyl option, which I’m thinking of going that way and adhering it myself to a large canvas. I think that will save me like $150. But, often times when I do that I wish I would have just saved and gotten the real deal, instead of my janky version that is clearly second rate.

Anyone ever tried adhesive backed fabric or vinyl?

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