Pomp And Circumstance

So You Want Beachy Waves In Your Hair

Posted in Fashion Files, Uncategorized by Miss Circumstance on June 13, 2011

Found this great video how to get easy breezy beach wavy hair. I’m one of those dweebs who can’t seem to follow a simple three-step process unless there are pictures. I just read something recently where the girl was saying she puts her hair in three buns before she goes to bed, and I’m thinking “well, wait a minute. Is it three all across the back of your head, or three like one on top one in the middle and one at the base of your head? I don’t get it…”

So this video was awesome cause she actually shows you how to do it, and its simple simple.


Check out her beauty blog here
Side note: sorry for the lack of postage over the past couple of weeks. The thing about a blog like this is it is born out of love, and like so many passion projects, it’s done for the pleasure and joy, and it’s not your how-you-pay-for-stuff job. Which means when things get crazy busy the blog suffers. That’s my long way of saying that things have been busy, but here we are again for a new day.


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