Pomp And Circumstance

Shelf-It Up

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on June 27, 2011

I sent this image to Miss Pomp a few weeks ago, because I thought it would be perfect for her living room. A pair of them flanked on either side of the fireplace, floor to ceiling. This shelf is a super simple DIY (tell that to my husband who spent a day and many poetic lovlinesses flowing from his inner self building a straight up four shelf unit), and is architecturally interesting.

I think a room looks a bit empty and personality-less without book shelves. They bring in the cozy, authentic, this-is-me-living-in-my-home feeling, and is it not as satisfying as snooping in someones medicine cabinet to check out those books and see what people like?? It reads (no pun intended) like a Match.com profile to check out someones likes and interests. Don’t judge me by my s(Tori) Telling book. You know you love yourselves a classic episode of 90210 goodness.

Here’s some images of well styled, cozy, I-sip-tea-whilst-pontificating-about-stuff, bookshelves:


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