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Goodwill Hunting: Wicked Awesome Stuff at Goodwill Day

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on July 8, 2011

Today the Goodwill gods where shining upon me. Too bad I didn’t actually need any of it. And too bad I don’t have funds right now in the “save it for a rainy day” category. So I took pictures of all the things that would have come home with me should I have needed them.

The structure of this table is awesome, and would look so pretty sanded and painted white, pale grey, Tiffany blue, mint green….something like that. Oh- not all those colors. Just one.

Is this a charging station?? I don’t know. But I liked it’s super shiny grey lacquered-ness.

These chairs were only 8 bucks each!! Can you believe that? I have paid so much more for ones so similar. Painted and re-upholstered, either in something subtle and beautiful like this:

Premier Prints Twill Chipper White/Storm Grey

Or something colorful and eye-popping, like this-

Anthropologie Calandria Armchair, Longshore

This puppy was huge. And it had a friend.

Here he is with his cousin, Mr. Sidetable. Who would look sweet and sort of Moroccan, painted, in a room that can handle his weighty-ness.

These were only 5.25 for the pair! Used as bookends- golden.

And these are the ones that got away. I’m totally kicking myself for not buying them. $25 for four gold faux-bamboo nesting tables?! Mashugana.

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  1. Meg said, on August 26, 2011 at 8:37 am

    I love hunting the Salvation Army in my hometown. I woke up early this past Saturday & found some beauties!

  2. […] forgot to tell you that after a goodwill hunting day, where several items were scouted and shared here, I ended up going back to get the set of faux-bamboo gold nesting tables. The best part is my dude […]

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