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Displaying Kids Art

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on August 2, 2011

Hello my long-lost people! I would be the lost one- not you. But I’m back now. There’s both been a flurry of activity and yet a lack of new-ness here if ya’ know what I mean. I’ve found myself with both nothing-that-exciting-to-show-ness, but also a lot of almost-theres. Here’s to the sneaky season that is summer- the time that you don’t really get off but feel like you should, and the time that makes you hope to accomplish all kinds of unfinished business but goes by in the blink of an eye. Summer- I love you, you crazy turd. Hopefully by its end I’ll have some fun before and after’s to show you, some pictures from a wedding I have been working on (some fun stuff in cantaloupes, corals, yellows, mochas, and grays. Specific much??) , and my own kids art wall….which brings us to the actual topic of this post.

I LOVE framing kids art. I find nothing more beautiful than a child’s art, in all it’s whimsy and imperfection, framed and hung like a priceless way-to-expensive “professional” piece. Kids art and pregnant ladies. The other thing in my most-beautiful category. And I don’t even play for both teams. So- I framed a hung a few of my kids pieces (one being an awesome rendering of Nacho Libre feeling the glory and seeing what it tastes like) in my bedroom to start a gallery. Here’s a round-up of how awesome kids art displays can be-

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