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Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files, Inspiration, P&C Portfolio by Miss Circumstance on August 26, 2011

Here are some snapshots of a party I did awhile back now. It was a graduation party for a girl (obvies once you see the pictures), so we kept it feminine, but not too frilly.

And look! I made a lolli log!

And then of course there is Miss Pomp and I hard at work

A couple tips for decorating at-home parties:

1. Pick an area and focus on it. For this party we focused on the food table, because that is what there is the most of, and everyone will go to it. Focusing on one area brings a lot of impact in one place, instead of little impact in lots of places.

2. Pick a theme, feel, or look, and stick with it. We wanted it feminine but modern, so we used a lot of shiny or sleek white surfaces, kept the lines somewhat clean (see stripes on trays and napkins, boxes and trays in rectangles or squares as opposed to curvy shapes), and stuck with shades of pink, grey, and white, and natural wood tones for warmth.

3. Think in layers. Just as in fashion and clothing, layers keep things interesting and dimensional. We hung things from the ceiling to draw the eye up and make even more of an impact and a “space”, and create a layer where there would have been nothing. Then we layered the layer with a sign in front of it. We used lots of trays and boxes to tier and add height and dimension, and threw in a couple of unexpected ways to display or show things (see cupcakes under bell jar, lollipops in a branch, and napkins on a ceramic feather tray with a wood coaster on top to keep them in place.)

4. Lighting. It might not be your first thought on a food table, but candle light and lamp light can bring in warmth and focus. It can highlight things you want to bring attention to, and make it feel cozy.

Happy partying!

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  1. […] didn’t get pictures of the other areas, but you get the idea from the main food table. So once again I get on my soap-box of using the main food table for a high impact punch of decor goodness. […]

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