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Crazy Kitchy Cool Antique Malls

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on September 26, 2011

Today I walked through one of our local antique places hoping to find a big, round some kind of wonderful mirror for my bathroom. I didn’t find that, but I found a lot of other things. None of them came home with me, but I took some pictures of the gems that were amongst a ton of stuff.

This gives off a beautiful warm light, and with a coat of paint on the base could be awesome in a kids room, maybe used as a night-light.

This blurry picture holds a really cool desk. It looked a bit longer to me than your average desk, and I love the colors. Could be a great entryway piece too.

I am way into brass and gold right now (go figure), and loved this for its weight and non-dinky-ness. I would change the shade probably to a big drum shade in black. Tre chic.

I loved these. They were on the petite side (maybe 10 inches tall?), a pretty chartreusey-yellow, and there were two of them!

I told ya I was into brass, and lamps apparently. These would look soooo pretty with pale lavender linen drum shades with black trim on the bottom and top. Or something less specific.

Most of these were fairly reasonably priced, and what is nice about these kind of places is prices are usually negotiable. Any of these can be yours at Traders Emporium in Soquel, CA.

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  1. Janie G said, on September 26, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    I love your blog posts, Mrs E!

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