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Sisters, Sisters…Every Little Thing We Do As Sisters

Posted in Uncategorized by Miss Pomp on October 31, 2011

Today is a very special day, ladies and gentlemen!  And not just because it’s Halloween. Today is a far more special day than that!

Today is Miss C’s Birthday!  And in honor of this most special day, I have decided to post some photos of Miss C and I goofing around and having sisterly fun at our dad’s super awesome Beatnik Themed birthday party a few months ago.

Sis, I am so incredibly thankful to have you in my life. I couldn’t imagine a sister that I would love more or have more fun with. My life is so much more full of life because you are in it!

Happy Birthday!

Hello Fall

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Apartment Therapy’s Room For Color Contest- Vote For Me….

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on October 26, 2011

…should you be so inclined (I’m having unpleasant flash-backs to high school, where the silent plea in your heart is for people to vote for you or like you. Thank God those days are over- now, back to wanting you to vote for me).

A room I made-over has been chosen in Apartment Therapy’s Room For Color Contest!

I shouldn’t get to excited yet, as I am pretty sure A LOT of people’s entries get selected, but, how fun to see something you created in a contest like that. So, should you like what you see, please throw Pomp and Circumstance a bone,  and vote for us. You can do that on Facebook too, and Twitter I guess, but I don’t have a Twitter and I barely use Facebook, so I’m sure someone way more tech and web and social media savvy will have the up. But we will give this a go for all the underdogs out there! Click here for the link, and happy voting!

No, We Didn’t Bring The Kids

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“Hey Jamie, how was your weekend?”

“Awesome!  Husband and I went to the tide pools!”

“Oh fun!  So, you brought the boys?”

“Nope, just us…..”

Repeat conversation about 4 times.

For some reason, everyone thought that we must have had children with us to have spent our weekend doing this….why? Beats me!  We had a blast – it was a gorgeous day, and there are all kinds of fun things to poke and play with at the tide pools.

Also, this happened:


What’s Cluttering Up My Desktop Right Now…

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These are the pictures I’ve saved over the last month, that are currently hogging space on my desktop.

Skunkling. Weird name, cool font.

This dream After from a Home By Novogratz makeover. Mmm hmmm, love everything about this, including the giant cluster of gold pendants that look like those things you stick your head under at the hair salon-

Something in my house needs to be painted like this and have hardware like this

I’m still a sucker for a silhouette-

Love big white clean open shelving-

Deal Of The Day And Some Fall Picks To Salivate Over

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Hot Dang! Yesterday I opened my email and saw the following email from J. Crew:

I love me some J. Crew!  And I just happen to have been sitting with multiple items in my shopping cart at JCrew.com just wishing and hoping for a coupon code that would lower the total enough that it didn’t make me want to puke looking at the number.

Here is a little J. Crew-spiration to get your shopping juices flowing.

I’m loving this bright approach to fall!

Hurry the sale ends Sunday!

And…This Is What I Was Wearing When I Saw Gerard Butler

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And since I’ve now seen him in person, I will henceforth refer to him as “Gerry.”

So, Gerry is in town filming his latest movie (the most exciting thing to happen here since Kanye West was rumored to be a surprise performer at a local charity event….he wasn’t) and last week Miss C and I were on a walk with her 4-year-old (cutest muffin in the world – I swear I’m completely unbiased – see Exhibit A below for proof) when who walks down the street?  That’s right, Gerry B. himself. A paparazzo even attempted to hide behind us so as not to upset Gerry, but we kindly explained to him that we didn’t want Gerry to have any negative feelings toward us for sanctioning said actions, at which point he hid behind a telephone pole.

Exhibit A - Sporting the "I'm A Birthday Boy" shirt I made for him

So, after awkwardly loitering for about 2o minutes, we eventually parted ways with Gerry (who is a lot taller in person than I thought he would be by the way…).  Now, if only Justin Timberlake would pop by Santa Cruz for a visit…

DIY Daybed Tutorial

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on October 19, 2011

Oh how I  LOVE this DIY daybed via Prudent Baby. I love the color palate she chose, and the perfectly pale pink was dyed that color from basic white. Dyeing fabric is something I never think to do. The full tutorial can be found by clicking the link, where you can see more pics of this beautiful deck make-over.

DIY Chiasso Mirror?

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on October 17, 2011

I’ve been looking for a large round mirror for my bathroom, and the problem is not finding one I like, but one that I can afford and I like. I saw this one in the Chiasso catalog, and thought a DIY version was not too far fetched-

I thought you could spray paint some skinny dowels gold, and find some kind of brushed gold tiles or metal scrapes or something. Maybe at a craft store or a home improvement store. I’ve seen sheets of brass around the web that you can just cut up. I think that’s my golden winner. This mirror is about $400, so I’m thinking a DIY will be the order of the day. Then I can also pick the size of mirror I want, cause this round one (the actual mirror part) is too small for a bathroom mirror. Hmmmmm…..

Another Beautiful Wylie Wedding

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A couple weeks ago I helped Katie of Wylie Weddings with one of her gorgeously designed/perfectly executed weddings. The Adorable husband and wife team of Jenn and Kenny of Ever Whim Photographs were on hand to capture each detail perfectly.

Here are a couple photos of the area I helped to put together on the day of…

Delicious and Beautiful desserts by Amy of Wylie Weddings.