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Ikea Adventures

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on October 12, 2011

I last minute headed up to Ikea on monday to finally pull the trigger on some rugs I’ve been considering for our bedroom. Our room is pretty big….about 16×14. But the flooring is tile- big, beige tiles. I thought about getting cheap snap-in faux wood floors, but then went to the idea of one huge jute or seagrass rug. Since I needed such a big one, I thought “hmmmm, maybe a carpet remnant would actually be cheaper”. The short answer to that question- capitol N O. It was almost $1000. So, cue Ikea. I landed on getting two big rugs and putting them together to make one big one. Cause even though $300 is a good amount of money, it is much better than $1000. Pictures on that to come soon. My room is finally coming together and feeling “done”- a term I use loosely cause I’m always liking things and wanting to add things. I am not a get-it-done-then-keep-it-the-same-for-five-years kind of person. Clearly.

But I also brought a couple of things back not on the list. What? Me? One of them being this vase, that when I asked my husband if he liked it, his comment was that he wouldn’t throw it in the dumpster or anything. Neat.

I like the matte masculinity of it next to a some what feminine wallpaper and seating area. And I like that  I can have a Jonathan Adler looking vase for $10. I also got these cute little ones that my friends 8-year-old daughter told me looked like noses. She’d be right. But I got them anyways.

Wouldn’t they look good with orange flowers in them?

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