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Bedroom Update- It’s On Like Donkey Kong

Posted in Circumstance's Home, Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on November 1, 2011

Again, sorry for the janky pics. One day I’ll get a tutorial from my photo savvy friends who can show me how to get good lighting in this room, but for now, how do you like them rugs?? It’s weird but I feel like it completely changed my room. They don’t even have any color in them. They are actually pretty boring. Yet, I love them and their little nubby cozy selves. I’m closing in on the end people! (Although don’t tell my husband but I already have in my head the next color I would paint when I get bored with this one. That doesn’t make me mental right?). THe next project is to make a headboard. Something linen with nailhead detail.

 That’s the corner to the right of my bed, and that’s all my junk on top of it. I’m mid-makeover on that ottoman I got at the goodwill for 5 bucks. I think I want to do some kind of white or super beat up leather over the top with nail heads all the way around. We’ll see.

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    […] had this chair in my room for a while now. It was a gift from a dear friend who passed it along to me straight from her […]

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