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Verve Coffee Roasters ~ Pacific Avenue Opening

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Our gorgeous mama, Mary of "Mary's Cookies"

Mama Mary with her cookies and cool signage

Miss C. enjoying her delicious latte

Little but delicious - my drink of choice is always a cappuccino

(Bag – J. Crew Newsstand Tote in Leopard Suede – last seen here, Jacket and sweater – from Ambiance in the Capitola Mall, “2” Necklace – Anthropologie, Turban – Urban Outfitters)

Recently, Miss C. and I attended the opening party for Verve Coffee Roasters in Downtown Santa Cruz. Verve has by far the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life. If I’m having a bad day, a cappuccino from Verve will flip that sucker right around!  Not to mention (hint, hint), they have the BEST cookies you will ever consume in your life (hint, hint…go buy one…seriously, you won’t regret it…well, you might once you’re addicted and have to sell off your furniture to sustain your cookie habit…but it will be worth it…TRUST ME.)

You can view a couple shots of their GORGEOUS space here, and keep your eyes peeled, cause I’ll be posting some shots next week of some of my favorite aspects of the new shop.

What I Got For Christmas

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Dress and Blouse- Anthropologie, Striped Tumbler- West Elm

Santa was good this year

Under Our Tree

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One of my favorite parts of giving Christmas presents is choosing what my wrapping is going to look like. I love making each gift look beautiful and fun, and adding unique touches that are special and thoughtful for each person we are giving a gift to.

This year I wanted everything to be sparkly and bright, light pink and gold, and I was pretty dang happy with the results….

I painted two paper mache reindeer gold to match our christmas presents and give our decorations a whimsical feel

Pouf toppers made with gold tissue paper

A gift is topped with a gold frog brooch that reminds me of a Harry Potter chocolate frog

Merry Christmas!  I hope you and your families and friends had a wonderful time celebrating and being with one another!

So This Happened….

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Jaden’s been asking me to paint his room for some time now, and we picked this really light color called Creamy Orange by Benjamin Moore. It looks sort of peachy here, and I guess it is. I’m definitely gonna have to butch it up a bit, and add some boy stuff. I’ve never been a super-fan of  the go-to manly things like trucks or race cars or something. But I’m thinking some poopy dark ochre colored stuff might be in order. That’s boy right? I’m thinking something like this-

Remember the dresser I got at the glorified dump place? I had all kinds of good ideas for it, and Jaden was a fan of the ombre style. But now I’m thinking I might need to do something somewhat boring, like the dresser in the picture above. His desk is going to be a long console style table I got at an estate sale for $15, and that is what I am thinking of painting the poopy brown. But I’m also thinking it needs some dark rich colors….it’s amazing how decisive I can be for other people but not for myself.


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(Blouse – Leifsdottir, Sweater – H&M, Pants – Anthropologie, Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell “Pixie”, Bag – J. Crew also worn here and here)

Well, do I have a Christmas miracle for you all!  Almost everything I am wearing in these photos is currently on sale, A LOT.

Leifsdottir Blouse:  Originally $188, currently on sale here for $45! (Extra 50% off Discount reflected at checkout)

Anthropologie Pants: Originally $98, currently on sale for $35 (sold out online, but still available in some stores)

J. Crew Newsstand Tote in Leopard Suede:  Originally $198, currently on sale here for $110 (use code SNOWMAN  for this price)

Because, after all, what would Christmas be like without a few self gifts?!


Three Nights – Three Christmas Parties: Part 3

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(On me: Dress – Vintage, Shoes – J. Crew Mona Pump last worn here, watch – Marc By Marc Jacobs)

(On Husby: Jacket – J. Crew, Shirt and Tie – Diesel )

The final and last stop on the weekend of parties was my company Christmas Party. WE HAD A BLAST. If you’re lucky, I may just post some shots of me and some coworkers getting down to “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas….

One of the best parts of this evening was that Miss C. was hired to do the decor and coordinate, which means that the evening not only ran smoothly, but was absolutely gorgeous.

Stay tuned for some decor pics, Miss C. is VERY talented 🙂

Vintage Mirror + Skewers + Gold Spray= Awesomeness

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This puppy is huge…..over 50 inches. It is such an easy project, and only cost me $7. That’s cause my friend gave me the antique mirror she found at the goodwill for only ten bones because her husband didn’t like it. Regret is a bitter drink. Or is that revenge.

I got skewers for like $1.50, and also got some very skinny dowels that I cut (those are the longer bursts), sprayed them gold, and hot glued them on the back. Then I sat back and enjoyed a large martini with my extra time because this DIY sunburst mirror is literally that easy. Just kidding. I probably cleaned the bathroom or something.

Here it is in its new home. Saucy mirror, meet messy desk. I’m sure you’ll be fast friends. Messy desk, don’t let saucy mirror intimidate you with her chic-ness. She is not as complicated as she wants you to think she is.

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Three Nights – Three Christmas Parties: Part 2

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(Dress ~ Vintage, Vest ~ From Ambiance in the Capitola Mall, Boots ~ Frye, Watch ~ Marc By Marc Jacobs, Bracelet ~ Vintage gifted from

my Grandma)

On Saturday night husby and I attended the Wylie Weddings  1-year anniversary party with our fabulous friends Amy and Cole. Check out the Wylie Weddings Website…they’re awesome. And yes, that’s husby and I on the front page…BAM!  Totes famous, people!

The party was at Bocci Cellar in Downtown Santa Cruz…the type of dive-bar that the same 15 guys from the neighborhood hang out at EVERY DAY for the entire year….needless to say, I felt slightly out of place when we walked in and all 15 said-men in plaid shirts got suddenly silent and stared at us as we walked to the back patio. The back patio was AWESOME.  It was covered and heated (thank the Lord), and has two bocce courts to play on for free all the time. Bocce Ball? Yes please. I LOVE bocce…or anything else competitive for that matter.

Thank you Katie for a very FUN evening!

Three Nights – Three Christmas Parties: Part 1

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(Dress – Jules Dress in Wildcat, Shoes – J. Crew Mona Suede Pump in Wild Berry, Bracelets – Vintage)

This weekend husby and I had three, yes THREE, Christmas parties to attend. We had a blast, but boy am I tired. I’ve decided that I would never be a good socialite, I need like 9 hours of sleep or I am just exhausted. So, while I would love to be a lady who dances all night long many nights in a row, I just can’t hang.

This was Friday night for husby’s company Christmas Party, and let me tell you, those folks know how to do a party in style. They picked us up and dropped us back off in a limo, A LIMO!

Up Next:  The Wiley Weddings 1 Year Anniversary Dance Party – Stay Tuned!

Christmas and the Bieb

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I usually don’t really decorate much for Christmas beyond the tree, but this year I did the table up a bit with some remnants of a company holiday party I did the decorations for. I always thought those fake birds in the craft aisle were goofy, but apparently I have changed my mind. Now I’m on the fake-bird-in-a-bowl train.

It was at said party where the Bieber fell upon my ears. Guys. I liked it. Like, a lot. I guess the Bieb does a version of Little Drummer Boy with Busta Rhymes. Cause that makes sense. But strangely it works and I love it. And now I think I have caught a bit of the bug….not the full on fever, but a bug. I will officially purchase a Justin Bieber Christmas song on itunes. And jam to it, with only a slight amount of shame.