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DIY Rad Bookshelves! Holla!

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Pomp on March 28, 2012


For my birthday in August, Miss C and our amazing, handy (not to mention loving, fun, and overall most awesome in the world) dad, gave me bookshelves that I had been wanting for a long time for our livingroom. So, in February, we finally built them!

Here’s a mini how-to, mostly with pictures, because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Which means this post is worth at LEAST 7,000 words.

Before we started, we decided what size we wanted the shelves to be, how many shelves we wanted, and estimated the spacing (with chalk on the wall – above photo) to make sure it was how we wanted it to look before we actually screwed anything in the floor.  Then I purchased the wood at a local lumber yard, and then did a couple coats of stain until I got to the color I wanted. I wasn’t super careful to make the stain even, because I wanted to go for a more aged look. Depending how many shelves you want, how deep they are, etc. you will have to get different lengths and amounts of pipes. And here I said I wasn’t going to use too many words….sorry guys… Let’s just jump in with the photos…

Step 1

Secure a flange to the floor for the base of each pipe. The flange should be screwed into the floor a couple inches closer the the wall than the depth of your shelf, and close enough together that your shelves can hang over the sides an inch or so.  The shelves are only secured at the base, and the very top, so make sure the flanges are nice and sturdy.

Then, start attaching pieces together!  Screw in the bottom vertical pipes, followed by a T-shaped pipe fitting with a horizontal pipe and elbow-shaped fitting coming out towards the wall, and lastly, another vertical pipe. Do this on both sides. At the end of this step it should look like the picture above.

Step 2

This takes a couple of people:  Hold the board on top of the pipes, and, using a pencil, draw a circle around where the pipes hit the shelf. Drill holes through the board where the circles are marked, then slide the board down over the pipes.  Attach the next set of fittings and pipes, and repeat!

Then just repeat until you get to the top shelf!

Almost there!

Last but not least

After the top shelf, attach the top pipes to the wall with two more flanges.  NOTE: The uppermost pipes going to the wall on this level need to be about an inch longer to get all the way to the wall.

Tada!  New living room shelves!

Stay tuned for a how-to on shelf styling!

How To Dip Dye Fabric

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on March 27, 2012

Miss Pomp and I created a dip dyed fabric wall for the Verve Coffee Roasters Event we did. This was a bit of a crap shoot cause we have never done this before, but I gotta say it wasn’t very hard. I also gotta say it’s not like we were dip dying in the shape of the Mona Lisa or something. We were justing trying to go for that ombre effect.

We ordered 30 yards of muslin fabric, and cut it into 10 foot sections. We did not cut the strips until after we dyed them, that way we had less strips to dye.

This is a case of the ol’ search-high-and-low-in-your-garage-and-use-what-you-got deal. So what did we have?? A ladder, bungee cord, storage tub, and extension cords. And this is what we Macgyvered-

We put the tub under the ladder, and tied a knot with the fabric around the middle of the bungee cord, then attached the cord to the ladder. That way we could easily pull the fabric up in sections and hook it to the ladder. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s how you start-

1. Pick a tub you don’t care about. Cause it will be toast after this. Officially stained.

2. Follow directions on dye packet to prepare dye in tub.

3. Set up Macgyvered pulley system.

4. Pre-wash your fabric by the way. This does make a difference. We dyed one without doing that and it didn’t work as well. Often times the new fabric has chemicals on it that make the dye not penetrate right.

5. We dipped most of the fabric in, and left out about a two foot sections so it had no dye on it at all.

6. Some dyes are cah-ray-zee potent and we literally only left the first section in for about 20 seconds before we pulled it out a few feet. Then the next sections were pulled out incrementally, after about 10-15 minutes. We did about four sections on each fabric strip.

When we were done, we draped the fabric over a clothesline we made using an extension cord.

I’m tellin’ ya extension cords are my new friend. They are super easy to pull taut because they don’t slip. They pretty much stay where you put them, even if you tie a loose knot.

After we dipped, dyed, and dried, then we ripped them in the strips. Here’s the final product-

It’s a little bit of a drastic leap from the no-dye part to the dyed-part, but one thing that I think works is if you wash the fabric in cold water after. It bleeds a bit, which this may be the one time that works in your favor. It lightly dyes the not-dyed part.

This whole dip-dyed thing is something I think I want to do more. Cause check it out…

This is West Elm’s Dip-Dye Floor Mat. How wonderfully easy would this be to make?? You can get a white cotton rug from lots of places for cheap. I’m so doing this.

DIY Linen Nailhead Headboard

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on March 23, 2012

I’ve been wanting to make a headboard for a looonnng time. Their are a a lot of fun ideas out there, and some gorgeous fabrics in awesome colors, but I kinda knew I wanted to do something neutral so I could change my bedding or bedroom paint color (yup. I paint often enough I have to take that into consideration) when my fickle tastes changed. And I love me some linen. So with that I took the plunge into the land of nail heads and fabric and other stuff, and decided to make a white linen headboard, with silver nail heads.

Step 1- Purchase and lay out supplies. I used

  • plywood
  • thin foam (bought at a local fabric store)
  • batting
  • spray adhesive
  • burlap
  • fabric
  • staple gun (in my opinion every girl needs a staple gun. They are cheap and I have used it countless times)
  • upholstery railhead tacks (12 packs. Had no idea it would take that many. Good thing they were under 2 bones a pack)

I think all this stuff was under 50 bucks. I already had the fabric so that saved me that expense.

Step 2- I used blue painters tape to lightly hold the foam in place so I could cut it to size, then used spray adhesive to attach the foam to the plywood.

Step 3- Cut two strips of burlap to use like a bandaid over the seams where the foam sections meet (this is a tip I read when poking around on how to make this thing). Use spray adhesive to attach burlap.

Step 4- Use staple gun to attach battling over foam, folding the batting over the edges and stapling on to what will be the backside of the board.

Step 5- Next your ready to attach the fabric that will actually show. Break out the staple gun again. She’s your new best friend.

Now you have a puffy cushy pad all ready. And those weird spots are shadows from the light fixture, not how the fabric looks.

And this is the part where I typically get so into my project I forget to take pictures. My name is Miss Circumstance. And I am a-dummy-who-forgets-the-same-thing-over-and-over-again.

What I did not document was that I covered the back-side with fabric also, and used nail heads spaced every few inches to secure it in place. I also did not document the nailing in of the nail heads. But, my tip for you is start on the bottom part that doesn’t show, cause it definitely takes some practice to get them in a straight line.

I screwed in two pieces of plywood to the back of the headboard, about 12″across, to act as legs. These went all the way to the ground. We then attached a 2×4 to the back frame of the bed, and that gave us something to screw the headboard legs into. Here’s a little mock-up for you-

I put the nail heads about 2 1/2″ inches in…I like it with a little bit more of a border like that.

All in all I would say this is a pretty easy project, a 2 on the scale of difficulty level. Go for it!


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Oh man guys, I just spotted this DIY on Design Sponge

And I’m thinking it’s not an option to NOT make them…

I mean, really. I just kind of have to. Anyone else feel like they have to have these like, yesterday?

Cause I’m going crazy over this thing.

Join me, won’t you?

Southwest Regional Barista Competition, Part 2

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Now for the outdoor seating part.

That “coffee table” is technically a day bed frame. Technically schmechnically.

We stacked two side tables on top of each other to make it a bit more interesting. And clearly someone took the right side pillow up on its offer, cause it’s all smushed in this picture.

We used a shower curtain from West Elm to recover these bar stools and seat cushions on a couple of other chairs. That’s a tip a la Nate Berkus, because the fabric is made to be super durable, and they are usually inexpensive.

Then inside, along with the cardboard wall and dip dyed fabric wall, we did a big ol’ ceiling installation with paint sticks, burlap and brown paper chinese lantern things, and amazing cardboard pendant lights. We mixed lots of paint colors in slightly varying shades to achieve that ombre effect.

We clothes pinned all the paint sticks in my ever-so-organized-and-not-clutterd-at-all garage to an extension cord for drying. Which I really like using because extension cords don’t slip like rope or twine, so they are easy to keep pulled tight.

This thing sort of looks like a hot mess in pictures, but in person it was the bomb if I don’t say so myself.  In person you didn’t see or notice so much of the cords and the lady-parts so to speak of the piece. Part of what I loved was the size and scale. It was just really big.  And that is 200 paint sticks no joke.

The paint sticks were inspired by Anthropologie’s window display (don’t you love how “inspired by” is just a p.c. way to say stolen?)

Would you believe that this took about four hours to tie it all up and hang it from the ceiling?? What the heck!! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck! We had so much fun working on this and spending the two days with our new-found friends putting it all together. Our hipster circle of friends has been broadened. It’s always fun to find people who can stop in the middle of some serious decision-making to break-it-down-with-a-dance-jam to the tune at hand, then get back to business. And that was the Southwest Regional Barista Competition.

South West Regional Barista Competition, Part 1

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Miss Pomp and I were hired by Verve Coffee Roasters, the hosts of the competition, to create three temporary walls, an outdoor hangout area, and a ceiling installation in a big open industrial building downtown in Santa Cruz.

Remember the sticks? That was just the beginning. Verve definitely has a look and feel that is pretty consistent- vintage, industrial, uncluttered, organic, unique. So we wanted to stick with things that felt true to who they were. We went back and forth on several ideas, one of them being this but with more neutral colors-

But then we realized while we would indeed end up with something amazing, we would also end up going coo-coo-for-cocoa-puffs-crazy with how much time this would take. Verve always has unique and creative ways of displaying things, so these walls had to be interesting and the Zoey Deschanel’s of the temporary wall world, but, also easy to transport and move for two not so buff ladies. Although I would like to add we have been taking Pilates. Uhh. And did I mention they needed to be 22 feet long and 10 feet high?? Yeah.

So we landed on dip dyed fabric walls and cardboard. I’m sure your face looks like everybody else’s did when we told them we were using cardboard. But you’ll see.

We’ll do a “How to dip dye fabric” post later, but this was the end result-

Looks dinky in the picture, but this thing is huge. It was easy to make, and the nice thing about this kind of look (organic), is that the imperfections  are what make it. That “undone” touch that is not super sleek works with it. But you can’t be too messy or it just looks, well, messy. This is ripped muslin fabric staple gunned to long pieces of wood and suspended from the ceiling with twine. It still lets light through, and by spacing the strips of fabric slightly it is more interesting than just a fabric wall.

Ok, now the cardboard wall. We had access to free sheets of cardboard and thought we could easily build something cool with the natural look of the brown cardboard. This cardboard was crisply and pristinely cut- no creases or used lookin’ stuff. That’s no good. Here’s what we built-

We were stoked with the way this came out. We made chains with zip ties, which are the bomb by the way because you can so easily adjust the height to make it level. We used metal rings to hold the panels together, and used a nail and hammer to make the holes they went it. We used spray adhesive to stick the circles on in a pattern that was similar to a dandelion being blown in the wind. I know. No sane person would realize that. We’re ok with that. We know we are delusional.

Making the circles brown kept the look toned down, and made it more of a textural thing. Very Verve.

Ok. I think that’s enough for today. Stay tuned for a Part Two, featuring the ceiling installation and the outdoor stuff.

I Want To Go To There

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Is there anywhere better than California?  I’ve literally never lived outside of Santa Cruz in my entire life, so I wouldn’t know if there was.

Someone recently asked me where I would live if I could live anywhere in the world, and I  had a hard time coming up with anywhere that would be better than  Santa Cruz. The weather is mild in pretty much every season (It doesn’t get much colder than 50 degrees on a winter day, and doesn’t get much warmer than 80 degrees on a summer day). It’s close to the city (San Francisco), right on the beach (our house is about 4 blocks to the beach), and has lots of great restaurants and fun things to do, while still maintaining some of that small town feel.

Last week, during a warm spell that brought our March days up to 80 degrees, husby and I enjoyed an evening stroll by the beach, and I’m pretty sure it confirmed that this is the greatest place on earth.

(Skirt – Anthropologie, Shirt – H&M, Sandals – Sam Edelman)

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Rain Rain Go Away….No Seriously Though

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Don’t you just hate when a day starts out all warm and sunny and wonderful…

And then ends all foggy and cold with a forecast for 10 days of rain up ahead?

(Pants – Anthropologie last seen here, Tank – J. Crew)

The weather is downright ticking me off. It keeps being all “YAY! Spring is here!  Don’t you just feel so joyous and happy to be alive?!”  And I’m all “YES!” and then it immediately starts raining.

Weather is a fickel mistress, my friends.

This Ain’t Goin’ In My Portfolio

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Just in case you ever wonder if any of our projects go awry….

This is the after…not the before. It looks like a bongo. Not awesome. I thought the brown with the super pale blush pink would look the bomb, but clearly I was wrong. Not to mention the shotty job I did on the nail heads. Bleah.

This is the before, which I’m thinking looks mighty better than the after actually. This DIY ottoman makeover is destination known…back to the goodwill.

Something To Brighten Your Day (And Mine)

Posted in Inspiration by Miss Pomp on March 9, 2012

You guys.  I totally had the stomach flu this week (YUCK!) and it was so lame. So, between that and working on some really fun, totally great projects we’re excited to share with you in the upcoming week, I AM POOPED!

Sometimes, at times like this, I think we just need a little pick me up. So today I’m going to share with you some images that make me happy, and I hope they make you happy too… Enjoy!

Jimmy and Justin. In a loving and happy embrace. 'Nough said.

No matter what time of year it is, the thought of Christmas makes me happy

This is my new life motto.