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Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on March 2, 2012

Miss Pomp and I had a bunch of canvases leftover from a beatnik party we threw for my dad’s 60th birthday. They had a bunch of groovy sayings on them like “Earth. Wind. Nature. Hot Potato!”, with my dads head next to them. Needless to say nobody wanted to keep those and hang them over their mantle after, so we painted over them. Well we’ve had these sitting around for a while, and I wanted to try my hand at a little abstract art.

I used this tutorial as a guide, cause homegirl needs step by step instructions even for something that is supposed to be a free-flowing flowey-ness of creative juices.

I toned the canvas (cause I know what that is now) with a light coral pink.

These are the basic colors I started with (I also used a dark red and a gold, which are not pictured)-

and here they are once I got my mix on-

I probably painted in about 6 sessions total, although I don’t even think I could call them sessions because each one was literally about 3 minutes. But you have to wait some hours or a day in between layers so the paint can dry and lay on top of each other, and not just blend together.

Session 1- We’ll call this session “frightening”-

Session 2- We’ll call this one “babe which one of the boys did the painting in the garage”-

It’s not until about the 5th or 6th layer that it will start to come together, and there will be several points where you recoil in hideousness at what you have done.

Here it is around session 5 or so-

And here is the final product-

One thing I learned (that I will probably here a resounding “duh”), but hey, I don’t mind admitting ignorance, is that you can’t make primary colors from other colors. Meaning, if you go to the art supply store to buy paints and wonder which ones to get, get the primary colors, because you can make and mix all other colors from them.

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