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How To Style A Shelf Like Pro(fessional Shelf Styler…If that were a job…Wait, is it?)

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration, Uncategorized by Miss Pomp on April 4, 2012

Holla and happy Wednesday everyone!  Now that we are done with our rad shelf building how-to, we get to the fun part: Shelf Styling! Woot woot! Here’s some tips and thoughts on shelf styling to help you over your hump day blues…

Step 1: Gather items to style your shelves with, and remember: Books aren’t the only items that belong on a bookshelf people! Along with your books, gather accessories, art, keepsakes, vases, pictures, and if your name is Ross Geller, fossils.  Try to gather a mix of smaller and larger items. Too many itty-bitty knick-knacks is not a good thing! Here’s my little collection:

Step 2: Organize books by color. Sounds silly, but it makes a BIG difference visually.  Also, take pride in awesome books that you purchased for your husband as Christmas gifts and still laugh at 3 years later every time you lay eyes on the cover.

Step 3: Mix it up!  Place some books vertically, but also make stacks of books. Wow!  We’re getting wild and crazy now! Want to get even crazier?  Think about placing one of those stacks inside of a tray! Then adding an object on top!  Which brings me to….

Step 4: Add Layers. In addition to layering up, also layer items in front of one another to add depth.

Step 5: Balance visual weight throughout the shelves. That’s just fancy talk for “Don’t put all the big stuff (or eye catching stuff) in one area.”  Spread it out! Share the wealth! Don’t let one area hog all the goodies! (In my mind, that last part sounded like Nacho Libre)

Shelf numero uno complete! Now let’s move on to it’s sister shelf and see how we do….

Horizontal stacks of magazines….grouped like with like. Good start, good start.

Adding a larger scale piece of art…now we’re rollin….

Layering up and down and behind and in front!  By jove I think we’ve got it!  But dare I say it’s a tad bit…dull?  I think what we need is a colorful vase to brighten things up!  Don’t be afraid to dig deep into your garage, people! That’s where I found this beauty…

And here they are, folks!  Looking all styled and foxy and making my house feel like a home!


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