Pomp And Circumstance


Posted in Fashion Files by Miss Circumstance on April 30, 2012

My cousin works for a clothing and accessories store in Franklin, Tennessee called Philanthropy. I think the idea of this store is so beautiful!

The reason they do what they do is Zechariah 1:9-10- administer true justice by taking care of the widows and the orphans, and show mercy and compassion to the poor and oppressed. They have determined ahead of time what the take-home is each month (how much they’ll make in order to live and pay their employees), and any profit the store brings in on top of that all goes to a few specific charities, and a village they support and take care of in Haiti. There’s been months where they clear major profit, and they’ll just know that meant those charities and village really needed support that month. Philanthropy has continued to flourish and do very well in a time when many stores and businesses are struggling.

Check it out!

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