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The Worse Before The Better

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Pomp on June 29, 2012

You know the saying: “Things get worse before they get better.” Well, I’m currently sitting in the middle of a living room full of worse.

We’re moving our bedroom into what was previously our office…well, we called it an office because it had a desk in it, but for all intensive purposes, it was used as my closet. See exhibit A:

While I’m excited about the projects that are coming up after the cleaning out portion (and I’m super excited to share the results with you all!), I am currently sitting in this room:

Wish me luck, it’s going to be a long day.

Surprise At My Doorstep

Posted in Circumstance's Home, Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on June 28, 2012

My friend had called me and let me know she had a big old vintage frame from an estate sale, and would I want it. Does Justin bring Sexy Back?? Of course I want it. So one day I came home, and not only was there a giant frame at my door, but THIS PICTURE WAS INSIDE. This beautiful, original, pastel drawing ( I think its pastel. It comes off on my hand when I touch it). It’s huge, and I now need to find a super big frame to hold this work of art, and put it prominently somewhere awesome. I’m thinking either a simple modern white shadow box like frame with a white matte, or a giant vintage brass Hollywood Regency style frame found at a goodwill for pennies.

Like these but in picture frame form

A girl can dream.

Bathroom Makeover

Posted in Before and After, D.I.Y., Decor Files, Inspiration, Uncategorized by Miss Pomp on June 27, 2012

Around the time that we moved into our new home, I bought grey and white paint to redo our second bathroom in stripes. That was a year and a half ago, but you know how it is – other projects are more important, you get busy, yadda yadda yadda, the bathroom stays the same. I had all the elements for the new bathroom (paint, shower curtain, art), but nothing had been done. So, when we left for Europe, our bathroom looked like this:

YOU GUYS. When we got back from Europe, our bathroom was DONE. It felt like Christmas morning. We had just gotten to go on a round-the-world adventure, and back home, my sis was doing super awesome and amazing and kind and wonderful things for us (and this was actually just one of a few). Here are the after shots that we got to come home to:

(Curtain – CB2, Art Print – Jessica’s Little Shop of Illustrations – Etsy, Frame – vintage)

I was going for a monochromatic look with a touch of fun in the art print, and I’m super stoked with how it turned out. And super stoked with Miss C doing all the manual labor 🙂

One of the things I’m reminded of when redoing spaces is that you can have a large impact without investing much money. This whole project was under $100, but the change is really drastic and fresh feeling.

The Un-Baby Shower

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files, P&C Portfolio by Miss Circumstance on June 25, 2012

There was still a baby in there, just not your traditional baby shower with diapers and storks and diaper pins and all. I did a shower for a client who wasn’t super in to frilly girlie things (check), and leaned toward simpler cleaner non-fluffy kind of showers (check). By now you might have deduced that I do have some-what of a formula for designing food tables at events- coordinating trays + hanging things from the ceiling+ creative signage and labeling+large-scale focal point moments = pretty table.

I chose the food not only by what people would enjoy eating, but also (gasp) by what color it was. The shame.

I stuck with sorbet orange, tangerine, and grey as a color scheme, and left everything else pretty earth-toned (driftwood colors, ivory, bare wood. More textural).

I used a runner size rug on the table instead of linens, and two large hurricane candle holders that were actually supposed to be for the outside. Who cares. I wrapped an Ikea Lack wall shelf in muslin and used it to add various height to the table. You can kinda catch the corner of it in the picture above. I just put the two lanterns and the cake on it, to raise them up a bit and give them a more prominent presence.

Remember how I said I sort of loved monogramming? Well the monogram bandit has struck again.

One of my favorite ways to present drinks is on a large tray, lined up together. The grey and white pattern on the bottom I just printed out and laminated, and placed it on the bottom. It now ties in with the rest of the party. And notice how the background pattern on the labels is the same as the bottom of the tray? Booyah.

A Broad Abroad: Barcelona Part Deux (The More Fun Part)

Posted in A Broad Abroad, Inspiration by Miss Pomp on June 15, 2012

In my opinion, one of the most fun and memorable things you can do on vacation is join with locals on the things that they are the most balls-to-the-wall passionate about. In most of Europe, that’s soccer…I mean football…but soccer….you know what I mean.

In  Barcelona, there is nothing the locals love more than FC Barcelona matches. Do it people, join the fun! Get your tickets, buy the jerseys, and go! And when everyone else is chanting “BARCA! BARCA! BAAAARCA!” you chant along with them…and when they’re singing other things and you can’t tell what the heck they’re saying, just make loud noises with a smile on your face. Trust me, it will be awesome.

On this particular night, we watched live as Messi broke the record for most goals in a season. That, my fellow Americans (and other rad people from other rad places), is not a night I will easily forget!

Indoor Shmimdoor

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on June 14, 2012

I got a rug the other day from Homegoods that is technically an indoor only rug. We have a little patio that is outside our bedroom, and it has an overhang with a skylight in it. So it has a sort-of indoor/outdoor feel, and is protected from rain and dew and that kind of stuff. At this time in its life it is feeling all moody in it’s indoorsy self.

I layered it with a little rug I had somewhere else in the house (swipe), and put my goodwill score-of-a-chair with it. We’ll see how long this looks good before it gets faded by the sun, or destroyed by four muddy feet that I always have trampling around. Not mine. I only have two feet. My two boys = four feet. But since this indigo ikat bomb-diggity of a rug was only $30 I feel ok experimenting with it. For now, its my favorite spot to drink my coffee in the morning sun and listen to my Louis Armstrong Pandora station.

A Broad Abroad: Barcelona!

Posted in A Broad Abroad, Fashion Files, Inspiration, Pomp Day-By-Day by Miss Pomp on June 13, 2012

Our first full day in Barcelona, we visited the Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction began on the site in 1882, and is still continuing today.  It was as crowded as I’ll get out, but still totally beautiful and worth the sea of people we had to wade through.

The ceiling inside the Sagrada Familia was amazing. It was metallic gold and white (talk about speaking to me in a language I can understand!).

While on one of our many (LONG) walks, we came across this slanted brick wall, and Husband quickly decided it was absolutely necessary for me to lay on it so he could take a picture…Unfortunately it was a little too slanted, and I couldn’t stop myself from sliding down it every time I tried….The result of which is this action shot:

One of the interesting things about Europe is the vast array of street performers. My favorite one by far was this guy on La Rambla, a main thoroughfare through the heart of Barcelona with lots of shops and restaurants (and tourists – blah! I realize I was one, but I tried to avoid touristy spots when possible).

(Note: This guy is standing perfectly still, and there was no wind that day)

 On Me: Anthropologie Languid Paisley Maxi Dress, Anthropologie Biker Melange Jacket, J. Crew Brompton Hobo


Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on June 8, 2012

About a month ago I started tearing up my backyard. All by myself. I felt like a brut. Our “lawn” is really more like a plot of weeds that when mowed has the appearance of lawn. The yard is pretty big, and goes far over to the left out of the picture. So we have a lot of grass which made me not worried about losing any for this project. In this picture I had dug up all that dirt and started sticking in these cement squares. I know you are supposed to lay down sand, and stomp stuff down, and pound down other stuff. But we are renters and I didn’t really want to do all that. And I actually kind of dig the imperfection of not perfectly even or straight rows, and having them just stuck in the dirt makes them look like they have been there a long time. I like that.

It’s not finished yet, but here is the-work-in-progress shot-

As you can see, cushions still need to be purchased, plants need to grow, but we love it. Especially the fire pit, given to us by friends. So awesome!! We’ve already had 3 s’mores parties. Cause there ain’t no party like a s’mo party.

We also were finally able to bust out this hammock I bought on sale from Anthropologie last year because SUMMER IS HERE! And I love summer. We always had a hammock growing up, so in my opinion every family needs a hammock. Dad naps on it, and the kids rock it out on it by swinging way to hard and putting way to many people on it. Although aint none of that happening on my Anthropologie hammock. Well, just a little.

Color Combo That’s Knockin’ My Socks Off!

Posted in Decor Files, Fashion Files, Inspiration by Miss Pomp on June 7, 2012

This summer color inspiration is really hittin’ the spot for me, folks. I’m starting to think about which room in my house I could redecorate with this in mind (my husband is most likely having a bonafide panic attack while reading this…it’s not exactly an uncommon thing for me to redecorate).

Are there any color combos that are calling your name?

Put A Monogram On It

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on June 6, 2012

This is a snapshot from a graduation party I did for one of my friends who’s a dude. I was given strict orders to not decorate. Style, but not decorate. Two very different things I tell you! So I styled me up some fizzy juice bottles by printing a custom monogram label on card stock and then Mod Podging it to the bottles. A little DIY monogram action. I’m kind of in love with them.

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