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Put A Monogram On It

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on June 6, 2012

This is a snapshot from a graduation party I did for one of my friends who’s a dude. I was given strict orders to not decorate. Style, but not decorate. Two very different things I tell you! So I styled me up some fizzy juice bottles by printing a custom monogram label on card stock and then Mod Podging it to the bottles. A little DIY monogram action. I’m kind of in love with them.

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  1. Vintage Living Magazine said, on June 7, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Nice personalization.

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  3. […] add a monogram. In fact, you may have noticed that we P&C ladies are having a love affair with monogramming. It’s simple, easy, and in my opinion, totally […]

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