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A Broad Abroad: Barcelona Part Deux (The More Fun Part)

Posted in A Broad Abroad, Inspiration by Miss Pomp on June 15, 2012

In my opinion, one of the most fun and memorable things you can do on vacation is join with locals on the things that they are the most balls-to-the-wall passionate about. In most of Europe, that’s soccer…I mean football…but soccer….you know what I mean.

In  Barcelona, there is nothing the locals love more than FC Barcelona matches. Do it people, join the fun! Get your tickets, buy the jerseys, and go! And when everyone else is chanting “BARCA! BARCA! BAAAARCA!” you chant along with them…and when they’re singing other things and you can’t tell what the heck they’re saying, just make loud noises with a smile on your face. Trust me, it will be awesome.

On this particular night, we watched live as Messi broke the record for most goals in a season. That, my fellow Americans (and other rad people from other rad places), is not a night I will easily forget!

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  1. Aleksandra said, on June 16, 2012 at 1:31 am

    I`ll just say WOW!

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