Pomp And Circumstance

The Un-Baby Shower

Posted in D.I.Y., Decor Files, P&C Portfolio by Miss Circumstance on June 25, 2012

There was still a baby in there, just not your traditional baby shower with diapers and storks and diaper pins and all. I did a shower for a client who wasn’t super in to frilly girlie things (check), and leaned toward simpler cleaner non-fluffy kind of showers (check). By now you might have deduced that I do have some-what of a formula for designing food tables at events- coordinating trays + hanging things from the ceiling+ creative signage and labeling+large-scale focal point moments = pretty table.

I chose the food not only by what people would enjoy eating, but also (gasp) by what color it was. The shame.

I stuck with sorbet orange, tangerine, and grey as a color scheme, and left everything else pretty earth-toned (driftwood colors, ivory, bare wood. More textural).

I used a runner size rug on the table instead of linens, and two large hurricane candle holders that were actually supposed to be for the outside. Who cares. I wrapped an Ikea Lack wall shelf in muslin and used it to add various height to the table. You can kinda catch the corner of it in the picture above. I just put the two lanterns and the cake on it, to raise them up a bit and give them a more prominent presence.

Remember how I said I sort of loved monogramming? Well the monogram bandit has struck again.

One of my favorite ways to present drinks is on a large tray, lined up together. The grey and white pattern on the bottom I just printed out and laminated, and placed it on the bottom. It now ties in with the rest of the party. And notice how the background pattern on the labels is the same as the bottom of the tray? Booyah.

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