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What’s In Your Tool Box?

Posted in D.I.Y., Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on August 30, 2012

If your just gettin’ your DIY on, or think you might have the symptoms of “I can make that” disease, there are 3 Must Have tools that you’ll want to add to your repertoire, or take out of the deep of your garage and polish them up to get them ready for a lot of use. I use these all-the-live-long-day. I’m surprised they haven’t broken by now.

Staple Gun– A must for re-covering any furniture in fabric. I used this for my DIY headboard, to recover a basic cork bulletin in linen, to recover seat cushions in new fabric…I staple fabric to stuff all the time. Just like most things, these run anywhere from $15 up to hundreds for the crazy industrial ones. All you need to start out with is your standard heavy duty staple gun- cost around $20. One day I’d like to have a powered industrial style one like you see them using on design shows when they reupholster stuff. Then I’d turn from a poser to legit. Like Pinocchio when he turned into a real boy. Like Keisha versus Lady Gaga.

Hot Glue Gun– Well, obviously you glue stuff with this, but it is really a way to add detail and personalization to things. I use it often to glue trim to curtains panels (I used it on my DIY roman shade), and I think it’s one of the best things to use to re-cover lampshades. The glue heats up fast, dries fast, and holds well. Also super cheap at under 20 bucks.

Sander-Any time you paint old or used furniture (hello Goodwill finds), you have to lightly sand the piece for the primer to adhere. It won’t get into little spaces or tiny corners, but it will speed up the overall process a ton. Building shelves? You’ll want to sand the edges and corners to smooth any rough spots or sharp corners. You can get a decent sander for under $40.

These 3 tools are a great base for all you budding DIYers out there!


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  1. joshengelhardt said, on September 9, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    My wife knows how to handle power tools! I like that.

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  3. […] for this project is stretcher bars (purchased at your local art supply store) and a  staple gun (your new bff). When measuring for your stretcher bars, make sure to take into consideration you need to wrap the […]

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