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It Came! It Came!

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They said it might not be possible, they said it couldn’t be done. But here she is, in my life to stay! If you haven’t read the backstory on The Bag, you should check it out here. It’s worth a read. Or 5. Honestly, if you want, I’ll totally act it out for you.

(Bag – J. Crew Collection, Tee, Chambray, PumpsMini Ram Bangle & Ram Bangle – J. Crew, Pants – Citizens of Humanity via Anthropologie, Gold Bracelet – Vintage from my grandma :-))

Now that the bag has an official place in the family (“No exaggeration, I could not love a human baby more than I love this bag” – Name that quote, I dare you), we have dropped the “The,” and just call her “Bag” (she gets her own seat on car rides).

Welcome to the family Bag! We couldn’t be happier you’re here!

Snap Shot: Great Rugs at Cost Plus

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iphone shot of a pile of pretty awesome rugs. I actually like them all together, and could see them all layered up on each other. You know…..if you happen to have about 700 extra dollars to spend on 6 rugs. I love that little collection in the top right corner of the thick jute one, super chunky braided cream-colored one, and the diamond dhurrie. And love the green one on the left. Basically all of them.

DIY Driftwood Table

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I’ve been wanting to make this table for a while now, and I actually originally made it to go outside but then I liked it too much and yoinked it for inside my boy’s room. Here’s your supply list:

-Driftwood (duh)

-Plywood for top



-Wood Glue

-Spray Paint


-Small pieces of wood for leveling out top (like 2″x4″)

I collected various sizes of driftwood, and tried to look for pieces that would be pretty sculpturally and also be stabilizing.

This was one piece I chose to build the whole thing around. It already stood by itself so it made it easy to add too, and hey, bonus- I can check “what if my table doesn’t actually stand up” off my list of possible things that could go wrong with this project.

Then you just begin selecting and either rejecting or choosing your next pieces based on what fits right. It is sort of like a puzzle. I built both toward the ground to continue stabilization, and up, remembering that I have to create a good platform to attach a table top to.

Once you choose a piece and know where you want to attach it, pre-drill a little hole so your screws go in easier.

Keep in mind the height you want your table to end up being so you can make sure to pick long enough pieces of wood. You can see not all my pieces will end up actually touching the table top, and thats ok. As long as you have enough to secure the top.

And, TIP- periodically place a level across some of your top pieces to try to keep them as level as possible for the table top. That will make your job easier later.

Next, spray paint. I sprayed the crud out of it. I probably should have primed it first because the wood can just kind of soak up the paint. But I just used about two cans of spray paint and many many coats.

Then you lay the top on to see how level or unlevel it is, and where you need to add shims to even it out.

Once you see where it needs to be raised, place some wood glue on the top and bottom of your blocks and attach them to those spots. Then drill through the top of the table, making sure the screws go through the table top, all the way through the wood block to the driftwood itself.

Your last steps are to make sure you sink the screws enough so you can use wood filler to smooth out the surface (so you can’t see the screws), then prime and paint your top.

That’s it ya’ll.  I love the organic feel of it mixed with the glam gold spacey lights. It’s a keeper for me.

Emily Henderson’s One Kings Lane Sale – Tonight!

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Holla y’all. One of my favorite style-makers/awesome people I’d really like to be friends with in real life is launching a flash sale on One Kings Lane tonight at 6pm!  I have an alert set on my calendar, and if any of you suckers swoop in and buy one of the things I want….well, you have great taste 🙂

Let’s talk Emily for a second.

This is her:

Cutest thing ever. Am I wrong?  Emily is one of the winners of Design Star, and she hosts Secrets Of A Stylist on HGTV. And on top of being super cute and sweet, she loves Gossip Girl, The Bachelor, and being generally fun and quirky and awesome. I’m convinced we’re soul mates.

Here’s a peek at some of the images from the sale, and if you want to check out some of the pieces, you can get sneak peeks here, here, here, and here!

Highlights From Lonny Mag: The September Issue

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Hello cute pregnant ladies!



NYFW Street Style: The Dudes

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Is it just me, or lately have you been ogling over men’s style more that women’s?  There’s just something about a well dressed man that floats my fancy.

Here’s some of my favorite men’s street style shots from NYFW via the amazing Tommy Ton…


(Images via)


Personally, I shop for husband exclusively at J. Crew. Ladies where is your favorite place to shop for the men in your life?  Men, where are your favorite one-stop shops?



NYFW Street Style

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Some of my favorite street style snaps from NYFW…

Folks, prepare yourselves for a photobomb.  On your marks – get set – KAPOW!

Images 1-7 via Vogue, images 8-14 Harper’s Bazaar

Mixing Patterns: Bedding

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This is a little close-up glimpse of some new bedding I purchased for a client. Mixing patterns can be tricky but here is why these three work together-

1. The scale of the two graphic ones are different. This is key. Though they are similar really in pattern, one (the grey one) is very small and tight, and the other (the pink one) is broad and large. Therefor they are friends who live in harmony.

2. The straight lines of the red sham are opposite of the swirly-ness in the other two patterns, therefore keeping it interesting and coordinating, but not matching. Like Paula said, opposites attract. It also has a hint of pink in it, which is not totally necessary but does help tie it to the large-scale swirly pattern pillow. The red one is very tribal/Moroccan inspired, thereby working excellently with the whimsy of the other two. Makes perfect sense right? The two things that totally don’t go together cause they are not the same go together? Maybe if you live in opposite world or upside-down land where the opposite of what you would think would be true is true. But that is kinda how it is.

3. Our red tribal pillow friend is a nice thick wool-like texture which means we are mixing texture. If you don’t have different textures you will always feel like things are just “mmeh” and not quite doin’ it for you. It will just feel a little flat.

And there’s kitty giving me the stink eye on his freshly made bed.

Mood Boarding ~ It’s a Must!

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I’m a firm believer in mood boards – as in, I won’t redecorate a room without creating a mood board. It’s just too dang helpful to NOT do. There are so many times that all of us (you, me, your neighbor, your neighbors mom) have gone out and purchased a bunch of new things only to get them home and go “Huh. That doesn’t really look like I thought it would in this room” OR “Huh. That looks okay, but there is definitely something missing. Why oh why didn’t I buy that bright pink giraffe poster!?” Okay, so maybe not a giraffe poster, but you get the point. Mood boards help you to see how things work together, but also highlight what’s missing before you’ve really even started.

To get your juices flowing, here’s a recent mood board I created for a friend with a daughter who’s towards the beginning of her teen years. They’re renters, so they’re not allowed to paint (this should be outlawed – can I get an “Amen!”), so the goal was to bring in a lot of color to the white-walled-white-carpeted room.


So let’s see it! Send me links to your mood boards, I wanna check ’em out!


DIY Hallway Makeover

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Have you noticed all the end-cap-of-hallways makeovers around in various catalogs, shelter magazines, and blogs? One of the first ones I remember noticing and thinking “wow, that is so simple but so impactful I’m so doing that – shoot I don’t have an end-of-hallway – I’m doing it somewhere else” is this one from the West Elm catalog-

I worked on this awhile back for a client, who didn’t have enough space to add furniture, but we still wanted to make it a “moment” (blech).

Two simple elements but we were so happy with how it came out. The wallpaper was DIYed with grasscloth and a stencil (more details here), and the mirror was from a local antique mall. Because the wallpaper texture was dull and the pattern large and geometric, I wanted a mirror that had that gilded vintage look and I was hoping to find a round one since the wall was rectangle. Duh. I wish the mirror was a tad bigger to balance out the scale a bit, but it was so perfect in every other way it won the contest. And it actually looks bigger in person.

So don’t ignore those end-of-hallways-why-dont-they-have-an-actual-name people. They can be so fun!