Pomp And Circumstance

Mixing Patterns: Bedding

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on September 14, 2012

This is a little close-up glimpse of some new bedding I purchased for a client. Mixing patterns can be tricky but here is why these three work together-

1. The scale of the two graphic ones are different. This is key. Though they are similar really in pattern, one (the grey one) is very small and tight, and the other (the pink one) is broad and large. Therefor they are friends who live in harmony.

2. The straight lines of the red sham are opposite of the swirly-ness in the other two patterns, therefore keeping it interesting and coordinating, but not matching. Like Paula said, opposites attract. It also has a hint of pink in it, which is not totally necessary but does help tie it to the large-scale swirly pattern pillow. The red one is very tribal/Moroccan inspired, thereby working excellently with the whimsy of the other two. Makes perfect sense right? The two things that totally don’t go together cause they are not the same go together? Maybe if you live in opposite world or upside-down land where the opposite of what you would think would be true is true. But that is kinda how it is.

3. Our red tribal pillow friend is a nice thick wool-like texture which means we are mixing texture. If you don’t have different textures you will always feel like things are just “mmeh” and not quite doin’ it for you. It will just feel a little flat.

And there’s kitty giving me the stink eye on his freshly made bed.


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