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A Broad Abroad: Monterosso al Mare to Lucca

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We spent our last morning in Monterosso al Mare getting some last minute pastries and cappuccinos and sending postcards home to our fams. 

And then we hopped a train for this place:

We had heard about Lucca the night before from a couple of friendly waiters that said they visit the city about once a year. Lucca was founded by the Etruscans, and then in 180 BC it became a Roman colony. Sheesh man, THAT IS BEFORE JESUS! That is REALLY stinkin’ old.

There is a giant wall built around the city that was originally made for military use as defense against intruders, but now serves as a promenade that surrounds the whole city. Husband really wanted to do this:

MISTAKE. This thing HURT, and I mean it HURT BAD. We only rented it for an hour, and I had to take a break before the end because the seat was so stinkin’ uncomfortable.

(On Husband: J. Crew, On me: Dress – Anthropologie, Chambray – H&M, Bag – J. Crew, Sandals – Sam Edelman)

Here’s the deal: I wasn’t a big fan of Lucca. Now, this is just one ladies opinion, so feel free to totally disagree, but here was my overall impression:

The architecture is beautiful, and you can feel the history just walking through the town, which is great. I think that 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago, it would probably have been an awesome place to visit, but there were a LOT of tourists (I realize we were 2 of them, but still), and when you see a beautiful old building from medieval times and it has a Game Stop in it, it just feels wrong.

So, we stayed for only 1 day,  BUT, we had a great meal and met some really nice people that we really enjoyed talking to, so I guess it was a success!

New Fall Pillows

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Fall is here (although someone should tell the weather that, because it’s gearing up to be a mid 70 degree day here), so naturally a presto-chango-pillow-swap was in order. I kept two that I already had and traded out two others.

A little cozier, little warmer in color, little more texture.

There’s a bit too much going on in this corner for me I think, but the print and the trays are from my grandpa’s. Two additions worth making room for.

*grey linen, indigo floral, and grey and white stripe pillows all DIY, multicolored Moroccan print from Potterbarn

A Broad Abroad: Italy – The Cinque Terre Part Due!

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After recovering from our late night out and day of hiking, we spent our second full day in the Cinque Terre checking out the 4th and 5th towns – Manarola and Riomaggiore. It was a sunny, beautiful day (although a bit windy and chilly at times), and there was nothing better we could have done than ambling along the coast (and eating lots of yummy things along the way).

(Pants and tank – J. Crew, Leather jacket (a couple shots below) – Anthropologie)

I never met a statue I didn’t want to mimic

The hike from Manarola to Riomaggiore is known as the Via Dell’Amore – “Love Walk” – couples fasten padlocks to this chain-link fence and throw away the key to symbolically lock up their love.

We stopped here on the Via Dell’Amore to picnic…. A baguette, prosciutto, brie, pesto, and a nice bottle of red wine… life doesn’t get much better than that.


Husband – “Let’s go down by the water”

Me – “Okay”

I titled this one “Consequences”

And another highlight of the day – we had the best gelato of the entire trip in Riomaggiore. I mean, of the ENTIRE TRIP. We stopped at Gelateria Centrale, and had Fragola (strawberry) and Fior di Latte (literally translating to milk flower) gelato that would have literally blown my socks off – had I been wearing socks.


If you have a good gelato place, I’d love to hear about it, I’m willing to travel pretty far for a delicious gelato.


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West Elm Palo Alto Launch Party

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Last week, Miss C and I headed over to Palo Alto for the launch of the new West Elm store, and WE HAD A BLAST. Girls nights are such a great time. We hung out in the store, picked up a few fun items, enjoyed the DJ spinning tunes, and spent more than our share of time in the photo booth…

And in between the fun times, I managed to snap a few pics with my iPhone to share with you all!

How cute is this lady? I followed her around for a while trying to get a good pic….I know, super creepy.


We finished the night over a shared steak and salad. I mean, could there BE a better meal? I love me a good steak!

Be sure you stop by and check out the new store, and let us know what you pick up!


A Broad Abroad: Italy – The Cinque Terre!

Posted in A Broad Abroad, Inspiration by Miss Pomp on October 23, 2012

Our first stop in Italy was the Cinque Terre, a beautiful collection of five towns (hence the name) along the coast in northern Italy. We arrived at our home base in the Cinque Terre, Monterosso al Mare, late in the evening after our EXTREMELY long day of travel, and spent a late night out with some new friends (we’re talking like 3:00 am people, the latest we stay out at home is like, 10:30, so this was a BIG DEAL). 

The next morning, we did what any red-blooded twenty-somethings who spent a night out way too late would do: We went for a hike.

While we were completely exhausted, the view was beautiful, and we probably couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more. We hiked from Monterosso al Mare to Vernazza, enjoyed some gnocchi and wine, and of course some gelato, and basked in a beautiful sunny day in a beautiful coastal Italian town. Could life really be better than that?

The view from our hotel window in Monterosso


A view of Monterosso through the vineyards along the hiking trail

Our first glimpse of Vernazza tucked along the coastline

Happy chappy’s



Tomorrow we’re off to Manarola and Riomaggiore! Have any of you been to the Cinque Terre? 


Cold Weather Style Inspiration

Posted in Fashion Files, Inspiration by Miss Pomp on October 19, 2012

I have a hard time dressing for Winter. I’m more of a beach town girl at heart so when it comes to Wintertime, I spend most mornings staring into my closet with a blank look on my face, so I find it helpful to keep stock of Wintertime fashions that I like so as to minimize my time freezing cold standing in only a towel early in the morning – who am I kidding, we’re talking like 10:00 am – trying to find something I’m happy with.

Here are some images that I’ve been keeping for inspiration!

Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Mixing Prints

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(Blouse – J. Crew Factory, Shorts – Charlotte by Charlotte Taylor, Bag – J. Crew, Shoes – Steve Madden, Bracelets – J. Crew and Anthropologie)

Fall schmall! I say we still mix our bright prints and wear our shorts like it’s summer and just throw on some tights to make it okay.

Who’s with me?

PS – These shorts are on sale for $20 at Anthro!  You can purchase them here.


Miss Circumstance Birthday Wish List

Posted in Decor Files, Fashion Files by Miss Circumstance on October 15, 2012

My birthday is coming up, and my family has been asking me to put together a wish list. The weird thing is that I drew a complete blank. Like all the sudden I wanted nothing. Which we know is complete malarkey. I started remembering some stuff though, and though I am not asking for the Crown Jewels like Miss Pomp, there is a range of goodness from little to extravagant-




x2 for bedside tables. Both are from Target but I haven’t seen either in person ( the right one I will see on the 21st when Nate drops it in Target. Holla.)

My mom also got me the jacket I had been stalking for many months at Jcrew (she is really bad at waiting to give gifts. It’s been bought and worn several times already. My birthday is still two weeks away). It will look so pretty with the skirt I just bought myself ( I too am bad at waiting to give gifts. To myself.)


Nate Berkus Coming To A Target Near You

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on October 12, 2012

Yes!! Is this old news to some of you? Cause it was new news to me. I’m STOKED. Super STOKED. October 21st is drop date. I feel a little hooky playing in my future that day. Here’s a sneak peek round-up of Nate-

A Broad Abroad: Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere – Italy!

Posted in A Broad Abroad, Inspiration by Miss Pomp on October 11, 2012

Let’s face it, travelling takes a lot of, well, travelling. For all the moments we spent eating delicious food, seeing beautiful things, and did I mention eating delicious food….we spent many a moment travelling from one place to another. In fact, I think we may have travelled by every means possible: We travelled by plane, train, car, bus, tube, boat, and donkey. Just kidding about the donkey.

At this particular moment we had taken an overnight train from Paris to Italy by way of Nice, France, and were going on 22 hours of travel and not much sleep…

I’ve come to realize that I really love train travel, although the lack of sleep is something I could do without.

And I’ll throw in this beauty for your viewing pleasure…


And the answer is yes, I probably was about 48 hours passed the point where I should have washed my hair.

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