Pomp And Circumstance


Posted in Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on December 3, 2012


Miss Pomp and I have been Brucified. 100%. That’s my dad in the middle and he took us to our first Bruce Springsteen concert. We’ve always gotten our Boss on from an early age, but never seen him live, which as most of you know is pretty legendary. Like, wear out the audience legendary. Like, sometimes clocking in at 4 hours legendary. Like, what-vitamins-does-he-take-cause-I-gotta-get-me-some-of-those legendary.

Now, here is what was so awesome. I’ve seen U2 a lot, like probably 9 a few times. They remain the ultimate live most incredible show ever. But, when Bono comes over to you, everyone stops singing and dancing and just stares in awe at this enigma in front of them. The idolatry of it all freezes people in mid song, so they turn into wide-mouthed gawkers. When Bruce comes over, everyone just gets super pumped and continues the greatest dance party of their life as they fist pump the night away. Bruce is more like one of us. Just a dude who understands. All the people around us (and it was a lot of guys in there 50’s and 60’s) where just waving their fingers in the air, singing every word with giant smiles, and every so often they would turn to each other and hug in pure glee.

At the end there was a girl who held up a sign with a big checked box that said “sexual organs stimulated”. I don’t think I would have said that, but our joy quotient was super and exponentially multiplied. Thunder Road also contains in my opinion one of the best lyrics ever – “Show a little faith there’s magic in the night, you ain’t a beauty but eh’ your alright”. How awesome is that. I’d like to know what girl found out in that song she’s not quite a total dog, but she’s kinda ok looking.

photo-2Strap your hands cross my engines??

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