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Adding A Little Something

Posted in Circumstance's Home, Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on January 11, 2013

IMG_0210Every year at Christmas time, when it comes time to put all the finer things in place that came my way, I can’t seem to just put them away. I have to do them justice, which usually means things like re-arranging and editing an entire closet in order to accommodate some new pants and shoes, needing to purchase a new desk because my boys now have new art supplies and it makes me realize how horribly disorganized their current desk is……you get the idea.

My mom got me those twig stick hurricane candle holders from One Kings Lane, and they didn’t fit on the old table, so I moved some things around. I actually would probably never have picked them out for myself, but they are the perfect thing for that spot- a little rustic and cozy and natural, next to the glossy vase and shiny brass. Those brass nesting tables are the ones I got from the Goodwill where my friend (who’s a dude mind you) asked what I was going to be doing to make over their hideousness. I just responded by dropping my jaw and widening my eyes. Enough said.

My two books that I am so excited to read through sit their waiting for me. One morning I will sit with a blanket and a large latte in my orange velvet chair and read them.



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