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The Importance of Good Signage

Posted in Inspiration by Miss Pomp on February 20, 2013

I hate bad signage. You know the feeling, you’re driving, waiting for a turn, like “Is this Attowatta Street? IS IT?!” Then you pass it, cause you can’t find a sign, and sure enough, it was Whatchamadangit Street, and you’ve gone and missed it in a city with almost exclusively one-way streets, where it is impossible to just flip a u-turn and call it good (Hello, San Francisco!).

Another time signage is important? Yard sales. I really had no idea guys. I mean, I knew they were important for informational purposes, but this weekend, we discovered something else: If you word it funny, they will come!

This was my favorite sign of the weekend:


Don’t mind the chip in the top right corner. I swear I don’t eat things off the ground.

Other notable signs included: “Not’ch yo mama’s yard sale” and “Come make our stuff your stuff!”

Seriously you guys, we had people coming by all day that said they weren’t looking to go to garage sales, but couldn’t NOT stop after seeing our signs. So next time you do a garage sale – step up the signs a notch with some fun humor, it worked for us!


Another thing we learned? People like buying other peoples used tupperware. Who knew?



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  1. misssuburbia said, on February 20, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Love it!

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