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New Knobs For Old Ikea Dresser

Posted in Circumstance's Home, Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on March 4, 2013

Well this ended up going in a totally different direction thanks to an amazing find from Miss Pomp.

She found these on sale for under 3 bucks at Anthropologie. They are super similar to the original ones that I was pipe-dreaming about for my Hemnes Dresser. I liked these horn beauties better then the other ones I had bought, so bye-bye to those. Annnnnnddddd, I also found one of these in a basket at an Anthropologie store for under 3 bucks-

How sweet are those?? So I ditched those knobs I had in my My Knobs basket, and went for those amaze-balls folded over gilded square ones, because though I only found one in the store, they were able to order me the other 7 I needed from other stores. So this is the end result-


IMG_0393You can see in the last picture I started painting my bedroom. I’m going about it all ghetto style this time because I only have short bursts of time over the next few weeks. So, I completely painted 5 of the 7 walls, 2 coats and all, and put everything back, so my whole room isn’t completely tore-up for 3 weeks. It’s just half painted. Not the best way to paint a room, but, oh well.

Miss C In The House

Posted in Circumstance's Home, Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on February 15, 2013

Alright, though there have been more exciting times in the land of Miss C as far as projects go, we’re going to play catch up on the little things that have been happening because I’m assuming, just like Us Weekly’s “There Just Like Us” section, we all like little glimpses into the mundane.  Here’s a state of the union-

1. My Junk Drawer Now Looks Like This-


photo-10I’ve been wanting to do this for soooooo long!

2. I Make Green Juice Now-

I know….stop the presses. We’ve owned a juicer for many many years, but never used it. So I started, and I gotta say I like it. Super easy, a bit of a pain to wash the machine, but it tastes really good and is the only way I will eat that many veggies in a day.

IMG_0231I now include a bit more veggies than this, but that much stuff makes this much juice-

IMG_0199 IMG_0200

It doesn’t look like much in the picture, but it’s about half full, 16 oz. The key ingredient is the lime BTW….as far as taste goes anyways. Adds that some’in some’in.

3. Trading out the knobs in my Ikea dresser for fancy pants brass ones-

I’ve had this classic Hemnes dresser for like 7 years. I got these horn knobs from Anthropologie  for the top 4 drawers-

They were only $3, so for now they will be good while I wait for the ones I really want to go on sale, for like,mmmmmm, 4 bucks-

Anthropologie Antler Melody Knob in Tusk

So for the bottom 16 knobs of the dresser, I’ve been looking at these and trying to pick one. I don’t want it to be too shiny or perfectly new looking, and just the right shade of brass. I will probably have to order one of each to decide. Ugh. I hate paying shipping.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.11.44 AMThat’s a screen shot of my shopping cart at My Knobs. Anyone else a true 4th grade boy at heart if ya know what I mean?

4. Lastly, I’m going to be painting my room again

photo-11This is a shot from my Instagram of the paint patch tests. My husband literally walked around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks and said “what the??”. That may or may not be because it will be the 4th time I’ve painted our room. It’s currently pale grey, which I love (duh), but I want something a little warmer and a little lighter and brighter. I’m going with a very pale peach/pink. It will go with everything I already have in there, which has NEVER happened.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.55.00 AM

It’s actually a lot lighter and more subtle then that image would lead you to believe. Don’t panic.

Adding A Little Something

Posted in Circumstance's Home, Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on January 11, 2013

IMG_0210Every year at Christmas time, when it comes time to put all the finer things in place that came my way, I can’t seem to just put them away. I have to do them justice, which usually means things like re-arranging and editing an entire closet in order to accommodate some new pants and shoes, needing to purchase a new desk because my boys now have new art supplies and it makes me realize how horribly disorganized their current desk is……you get the idea.

My mom got me those twig stick hurricane candle holders from One Kings Lane, and they didn’t fit on the old table, so I moved some things around. I actually would probably never have picked them out for myself, but they are the perfect thing for that spot- a little rustic and cozy and natural, next to the glossy vase and shiny brass. Those brass nesting tables are the ones I got from the Goodwill where my friend (who’s a dude mind you) asked what I was going to be doing to make over their hideousness. I just responded by dropping my jaw and widening my eyes. Enough said.

My two books that I am so excited to read through sit their waiting for me. One morning I will sit with a blanket and a large latte in my orange velvet chair and read them.


Sneak Peek: Pantry Makeover

Posted in Circumstance's Home, D.I.Y., Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on November 26, 2012


If you can call a hole in the wall with 3 shelves in it a pantry, I’m making mine over. I’ve been pretty obsessed with this, and this DIY Phillip Jeffries wallpaper. I’m so down with it. Zoom out of this shot and you’ll see the primer around the outside, the bottom part where the old paint is all chipped up and minus it’s doors, and the unorganized cereal boxes and school lunch boxes. But me showing you that would be like Lady Gaga stepping out for a cup of coffee in something other than an entire ensemble of theatrical pieces of clothing that have a deep meaning about the state of our society and a choice piece of wisdom about the presence that is humanity……it ain’t gonna happen.

P.S. I guess I bake things that are heavy on sugars versus flour. Entirely unsurprising.

New Fall Pillows

Posted in Circumstance's Home, Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on October 29, 2012

Fall is here (although someone should tell the weather that, because it’s gearing up to be a mid 70 degree day here), so naturally a presto-chango-pillow-swap was in order. I kept two that I already had and traded out two others.

A little cozier, little warmer in color, little more texture.

There’s a bit too much going on in this corner for me I think, but the print and the trays are from my grandpa’s. Two additions worth making room for.

*grey linen, indigo floral, and grey and white stripe pillows all DIY, multicolored Moroccan print from Potterbarn

How To Turn A Vintage Flag Into Art

Posted in Circumstance's Home, D.I.Y., Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on October 1, 2012

I got this tore up old flag awhile ago at a vintage store around the corner from my house. It has been rolled up on a shelf in my garage while I figured out what to do with it. I’ve been working on my boys room a bit (slowwwwwlllllyyy), and needed a big blast of oversized something, and I wanted red in it. I want to eventually bring in some rich, Moroccan style textiles somehow (maybe big toss pillows for the bed), but for now I had this flag, and I wanted to use something I already had.

Now this flag is dur-tay. It’s got stains and rips all up on itself. I debated washing it, but decided I actually liked the dirt (gasp) and was worried the colors might bleed or the whole thing would just disappear in a poof of oldness in the washer. Disintegration.

All you need for this project is stretcher bars (purchased at your local art supply store) and a  staple gun (your new bff). When measuring for your stretcher bars, make sure to take into consideration you need to wrap the edges of the fabric (or flag) around the sides of the stretcher bars. So don’t get them too long.

The stretcher bars come in pieces, so you get all four sides and put them together. They come with groves in them that slip into each other, but, you also need to staple the corners together with your staple gun (like above picture).

When your done, it will look like this:

Next lay it out on a big flat surface (I just did it on the floor), and make sure to have the side that you want facing out to be facing the floor. Then you start stapling, and you start with two opposite corners, then do the other two opposite corners.

I find it easier to choose one of the sides, and place a staple in the middle of that side, then continue stretching the fabric and stapling it down the rest of that side.

I ended up standing it up on its side and stapling that way (after I did the four corners), because I couldn’t get a good angle on it while it was on the floor.

Emily Henderson’s living room is one of the first places I saw this idea…..imitation is a high form of flattery, right?

How To Customize Standard Shades

Posted in Circumstance's Home, D.I.Y., Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on September 10, 2012

I ordered these roman shades from Overstock to update the boy’s room a bit, now that they are sharing a room.

Your basic bamboo or woven shade. Under $30 thank you very much. My kind of shade. And I like the texture and colors. I had seen this picture in a Lonny Mag article way back when and saved it so I could steal copy use it as inspiration-

And that’s what I did straight up. I took the length of the shade and multiplied it by four (then divided it by three. Duh I guess but worth mentioning) to know how many yards of brown velvet ribbon I needed.

I got a ribbon that is 2″ wide because anything thinner I thought would get swallowed up by the shade. The nice thing about these shades is the thread gives you a straight line to lay the ribbon right on top of. No centering or measuring required. Hallelujah cause I’ve done that a billion times over on other projects. I’ll take a free-be.

Then you just hot glue in place ( I told ya a hot glue gun is gonna be one of your new best friends)

I folded the ribbon back on itself, put a long strip of hot glue on each side of the ribbon, then folded it back onto the shade and pressed it down.

So I find that for an additional 12 bucks you have shades that look a bit more expensive and custom. I used brown velvet because I didn’t want too much a contrast, just added texture and luxury. But there was a super cool snake print faux leather one I almost came home with. Maybe for another day.

A Tore-Up House….

Posted in Circumstance's Home, D.I.Y., Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on August 20, 2012

…that’s what I’ve got. My boys have been excited to share a room once my youngest started kindergarten, so we started switching things around. No big right? Well somehow this presto change-o has spilled into all crevices of our house. For starters, if one switches rooms, one must paint- right? So we painted. Only the first color I picked turned out like mint green on radioactive steroids, so we had to repaint it. So that was a pain. I had started building a driftwood table that I was going to use outside, but then decided to use it as an extra long bedside table that would go in between the boys beds. So I had to add a longer top to that (DIY tutorial to follow soon). Here are some the things tinkering around in my head-

Yes it’s true. My name is Miss Circumstance, and I make things more complicated than they need to be. I can’t just switch beds into a room. I must change the blinds, the curtain rods, the paint, and the chair. Don’t judge me.

Surprise At My Doorstep

Posted in Circumstance's Home, Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on June 28, 2012

My friend had called me and let me know she had a big old vintage frame from an estate sale, and would I want it. Does Justin bring Sexy Back?? Of course I want it. So one day I came home, and not only was there a giant frame at my door, but THIS PICTURE WAS INSIDE. This beautiful, original, pastel drawing ( I think its pastel. It comes off on my hand when I touch it). It’s huge, and I now need to find a super big frame to hold this work of art, and put it prominently somewhere awesome. I’m thinking either a simple modern white shadow box like frame with a white matte, or a giant vintage brass Hollywood Regency style frame found at a goodwill for pennies.

Like these but in picture frame form

A girl can dream.

Bedroom Update- It’s On Like Donkey Kong

Posted in Circumstance's Home, Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on November 1, 2011

Again, sorry for the janky pics. One day I’ll get a tutorial from my photo savvy friends who can show me how to get good lighting in this room, but for now, how do you like them rugs?? It’s weird but I feel like it completely changed my room. They don’t even have any color in them. They are actually pretty boring. Yet, I love them and their little nubby cozy selves. I’m closing in on the end people! (Although don’t tell my husband but I already have in my head the next color I would paint when I get bored with this one. That doesn’t make me mental right?). THe next project is to make a headboard. Something linen with nailhead detail.

 That’s the corner to the right of my bed, and that’s all my junk on top of it. I’m mid-makeover on that ottoman I got at the goodwill for 5 bucks. I think I want to do some kind of white or super beat up leather over the top with nail heads all the way around. We’ll see.

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