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Mixing Green Patterns

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IMG_0907 IMG_0909 IMG_0912

(Top – Madewell, Shorts – Madewell, on sale and available here, Shoes – Pierre Hardy for Gap)

I’ve got a full weekend of making lovey birthday faces at my husband coming up. Plans mostly include beach time and ingesting obscenely large amounts of french toast. So I guess just a normal weekend then…

Lace and Chambray

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IMG_1048 IMG_1056 IMG_1070

(Dress – Vintage, Chambray – J. Crew, Jean Jacket – Gap (old), Shoes – Madewell, Necklace – J. Crew)

Miss C and I are headed over to Santana Row for the Madewell opening with our sweet mama. Who’s coming?

Madewell Wednesday

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In honor of the grand opening of Madewell Santana Row next Tuesday, I’m sporting a couple of my favorite Madewell items!

IMG_0597 IMG_0600 IMG_0603 IMG_0604

(Madewell tailored mini dress in black dot, Madewell barnwood boot in golden spinach)

Are any of you heading to the Madewell grand opening? Cause I’ll be there.

Join me, won’t you?

Floating In To Spring

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IMG_0521 IMG_0524(Madewell top, Gap skirt)

My uniform as of late: a flowy top and maxi skirt. I just love when the temperature starts rising.


Paisley Trails Tee

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IMG_0980 IMG_0983 IMG_0986 IMG_0988(Anthro Paisley Trails Tee, Madewell Shorts)


Madewell Matching Separates

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IMG_0880IMG_0881 IMG_0886 IMG_0891

(Top and Shorts – Madewell, available here and here, Shoes – Pierre Hardy for Gap, these babies and I go way back… as evidenced here)

How To Pack For Long Trips

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I get a lot of questions about how to pack when going on an extended trip. The trouble with traveling for 6 weeks at a time is that you can’t take 6 suitcases with you. Especially if you will be travelling to multiple destinations. It’s not so much of a problem if you will be travelling to 1 or 2 destinations and staying at each one for an extended amount of time. However, if like husband and I you travelled for 6 weeks as follows: California -> Nashville -> Nice -> Barcelona -> London -> Paris -> The Cinque Terre -> Lucca -> Sorrento -> Positano -> Rome -> California, you bet your buttuci you will want to have packed as light as possible.

My general rule for packing for extended trips is to bring a few options in each category that pretty much all go together.

Euro 1 copy


(Black Maxi – Anthropologie, Leopard Shift – J. Crew, Trench – Cartonnier via Anthropologie, Leather Jacket – Anthropologie, White Tee – J. Crew, Blouse – Konrad & Joseph via Anthropologie, Chambray Shirt – Madewell, Striped Long-sleeve – Anthropologie, White Blouse – Equipment, Boots – Frye, Sandals – Sam Edelman, Leopard Flats – J. Crew, Bag – J. Crew Brompton Hobo, Cuffs – Anthropologie, Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Black Skinnies – AG, Jean Shorts – Madewell, Jeans – Pilcro)Euro 2 copy

Euro 3 copy

Euro 4 copy

Euro 5 copy

Euro 6 copy

Euro 7 copy

Depending on the season I might swap out a couple things, for instance – If I’m going in spring or summer, I swap the black jeans for white ones, and pack some more cotton and warm weather items.

Once I have a good base of “Everything goes with everything” pieces, I add in a couple of fun and colorful items so things don’t feel too boring or monotonous. ie:

The last thing I do is pack doubles of a couple of items (like the white v-neck, or a couple white tank tops) that I know I will use a lot, so that I don’t have to do laundry quite as often.

And don’t forget to use an online travel checklist specific to the place you’re going. A good one for travel in Europe can be found here. You don’t have to stick to it like it’s your last lifeline, but checking against a list like this can be helpful to make sure you’re not missing anything important.

Any questions?  What am I missing? Help me out here, folks!



Christmas Wrap-Up 2012

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Santa and my family hooked me up this year in a big way. Here is a taste of some of the bomb presents I got this past Christmas-



I want to get something engraved on the Madewell ID bracelet, and I think I’ve settled on “Toots” on the front and “let me see that tootsie roll” on the back. What?

There is some depth to that I promise. Not a deep water pool depth, but like a kiddie pool amount of depth. It has some family meaning. My family is just like Socrates family.

In Floral Madewell

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(Printmaker top in petal screen here)

Breaking the Christmas Golden Rule

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Everyone knows the golden rule right before Christmas – you’re not allowed to buy things for yourself. What if someone else knew you wanted that thing, and bought it, wrapped it, and has it sittin’ under the tree right now, only to see you saunter in the door wearing said item that was so lovingly and carefully chosen.

But I can’t help myself. The sales. Oh Lord, the SALES!  They are just too good to pass up. So here are some of the sales I’m most excited about (check em out!), and some items I’m thinking about wrapping and putting under the tree for myself!

J. Crew – Obvies one of my faves.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.30.31 AM

Etta Gold Cap Toe Pump in Brilliant Yellow

Sequin Stripe Tee in Vintage Champagne

Classic Link Bracelet

Madewell – J. Crew’s hip younger sister.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.30.43 AM

Hershel Supply Co Backpack – There is absolutely no reason for me to require a backpack, but if I did, I’d get this one.

The Teddy Loafer in Glitter

Belted Leather Bomber in True Black

And Just for good measure, here are some other deals you may be interested in checking out…




Neiman Marcus

Alright! Sock it to me – what did I miss? What sales are you rushing to take advantage of?