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Pakpao Maxi Dress

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IMG_0550 IMG_0553(Anthropologie Pakpao Maxi Dress)

A Broad Abroad: Barcelona!

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Our first full day in Barcelona, we visited the Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction began on the site in 1882, and is still continuing today.  It was as crowded as I’ll get out, but still totally beautiful and worth the sea of people we had to wade through.

The ceiling inside the Sagrada Familia was amazing. It was metallic gold and white (talk about speaking to me in a language I can understand!).

While on one of our many (LONG) walks, we came across this slanted brick wall, and Husband quickly decided it was absolutely necessary for me to lay on it so he could take a picture…Unfortunately it was a little too slanted, and I couldn’t stop myself from sliding down it every time I tried….The result of which is this action shot:

One of the interesting things about Europe is the vast array of street performers. My favorite one by far was this guy on La Rambla, a main thoroughfare through the heart of Barcelona with lots of shops and restaurants (and tourists – blah! I realize I was one, but I tried to avoid touristy spots when possible).

(Note: This guy is standing perfectly still, and there was no wind that day)

 On Me: Anthropologie Languid Paisley Maxi Dress, Anthropologie Biker Melange Jacket, J. Crew Brompton Hobo

No, We Didn’t Bring The Kids

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“Hey Jamie, how was your weekend?”

“Awesome!  Husband and I went to the tide pools!”

“Oh fun!  So, you brought the boys?”

“Nope, just us…..”

Repeat conversation about 4 times.

For some reason, everyone thought that we must have had children with us to have spent our weekend doing this….why? Beats me!  We had a blast – it was a gorgeous day, and there are all kinds of fun things to poke and play with at the tide pools.

Also, this happened:


Beach Days – Part 2

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(Dress – Anthropologie)

I recently decided that a good maxi dress is my absolute favorite thing to wear. Throw it on, belt it (or not), and walk out the door. There is just nothing better.

Anthro dress – on sale now here.