Pomp And Circumstance


Posted in Fashion Files by Miss Circumstance on November 23, 2012

I never buy fashion magazines. I will for sure flip through them in a book store or while I’m getting my hair done, but my jam is more the Elle Decor’s and Architectural Digest’s of the world. Well I was in a local book store the other day and I had to buy this magazine. Literally. Had to. It was out of my control. I even paid 5 bucks for it! That’s only two dollars less then I paid for my entire years subscription to Elle Decor. It was like they put some magic power in her eyes that made me keep looking at her. There is something so compelling about this picture that I had to own it, not just look at it once in a store. I want to frame it or something. Is that just weird??

Here’s another one-

Just a couple a dudes playing ping-pong. All normal like.

What pictures captivate you?