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Spring Is In The Air

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(Lace top – Forever 21, Skirt – Gap, Sandals – Sam Edelman)

A Broad Abroad: A Night Out In Rome

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On our last night in Europe, husband and I took a long stroll through Rome, with dinner in the Jewish Ghetto (once you eat there, it’s hard to want to eat anywhere else). It feels pretty amazing strolling down the street and coming upon ruins that have been around since before Jesus walked the earth. We don’t exactly have that sort of history lying around every corner in California.

(Dress – J. Crew – Jacket – Anthropologie Biker Melange Jacket (old), Sandals – Sam Edelman (old), Bag – J. Crew Brompton Hobo)

And that, my friends, brings us to the end of #HashtagEuro2012…. I hope you’ve enjoyed travelling through Europe with husband and I. I’ve certainly enjoyed reliving each stop through photos and memories.

So, husband. Where to next?

A Broad Abroad: Rome – The Colosseum!

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(Skirt – Via Anthropologie, Tee – J. Crew available here, Bag – J. Crew available here, Sandals – Sam Edelman)

We spent our first morning in Rome exploring some ruins and visiting the coliseum. It’s pretty amazing to think that not that long ago people were watching fights to the death as entertainment. Hunger Games anyone?  What I wouldn’t give to read that book again for the first time. It would be like seeing Lost again for the first time. Or Friday Night Lights.

The Moment I Realized There Was A Strawberry Bar Hanging Off My Butt

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(Top – J. Crew, Shorts – via Villains SF, Watch – Marc By Marc Jacobs, Bracelet – J. Crew, Ring – Kevia, Sandals – Sam Edelman)

You ever have one of those moments when you are outlet shopping with your sister and your nephews, and you stop by Walmart to get some school supplies for your nephews, and you’ve been walking through the store for about 40 minutes, and are just finishing up and walking out when you run your hand over your bum to smooth your shorts, and realize that there has been a giant chunk of strawberry bar hanging off your butt the whole time?

No?  Me neither….


Growing Our Own Grub

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About 5 weeks ago, husband and I put a few garden beds in the backyard and started growing our own veggies. I can’t even tell you how great it is to just walk in the backyard to get lettuce for salads when it’s time for lunch. AND, check out the last pic below, there is totes a tomato in that photo people. It’s little, but I promise it’s there.

And, this next one is the face I made when the neighbors cats started doing it right on the other side of the fence while I was watering the above-mentioned veggies. 

(Jean Jacket – Gap {probably at LEAST 10 years old}, Top – J. Crew, Pants – Joe’s Jeans, Sandals – Sam Edelman, Bracelets – J. Crew, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Vintage)

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Grown Ups

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(Denim ~ G-Star Raw, Tank, Hat and Bag ~ J. Crew, Sandals ~ Sam Edelman,

Watch ~ Marc By Marc Jacobs, Bracelets ~ J. Crew)

I love summer. Even though I’m not in school anymore, there is something that just feels vacation-y about summer. This weekend  hubs and the besties (that’s the female half of besties in the last pic above – she and her twin sis are AMAHZING photographers, check them out here) and I took an impromptu trip up to Soquel Vineyards, and subsequently became members of their wine club! The grounds are beautiful, the weather is amazing and warm up there, and I’m looking forward to lots of afternoons spent wine tasting and lounging in the sun this summer!

A Broad Abroad: Barcelona!

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Our first full day in Barcelona, we visited the Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction began on the site in 1882, and is still continuing today.  It was as crowded as I’ll get out, but still totally beautiful and worth the sea of people we had to wade through.

The ceiling inside the Sagrada Familia was amazing. It was metallic gold and white (talk about speaking to me in a language I can understand!).

While on one of our many (LONG) walks, we came across this slanted brick wall, and Husband quickly decided it was absolutely necessary for me to lay on it so he could take a picture…Unfortunately it was a little too slanted, and I couldn’t stop myself from sliding down it every time I tried….The result of which is this action shot:

One of the interesting things about Europe is the vast array of street performers. My favorite one by far was this guy on La Rambla, a main thoroughfare through the heart of Barcelona with lots of shops and restaurants (and tourists – blah! I realize I was one, but I tried to avoid touristy spots when possible).

(Note: This guy is standing perfectly still, and there was no wind that day)

 On Me: Anthropologie Languid Paisley Maxi Dress, Anthropologie Biker Melange Jacket, J. Crew Brompton Hobo

Introducing: A Broad Abroad!

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You guys. Husband and I just got back from a 5 week trip to Europe. I know, crazy town. Crazier than that? While we were there, we found out we might get to go back about every 6 months or so for shorter jaunts!  While we’re not sure whether all of that will pan out or not, I’m going to move forward pretending like it’s a sure thing, and start a series about my travels titled:

A Broad Abroad

Catchy, right?

So get ready, cause we’re starting right….NOW!

Our first stop was in the South of France. We stayed in Nice, but took day trips to some fun surrounding towns. This particular day we drove to Eze, took a walk on the beach, and explored the amazing old hilltop commune. Thanks to my good friend Wikipedia, I know that Eze was first populated around 2000 BC. Holy Smokes Batman, that was a really long time ago.

(Blouse – Konrad & Joseph via Anthropologie, Jeans – Levi’s, Bag – J. Crew Brompton Hobo, Sandals – Sam Edelman)

I Want To Go To There

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Is there anywhere better than California?  I’ve literally never lived outside of Santa Cruz in my entire life, so I wouldn’t know if there was.

Someone recently asked me where I would live if I could live anywhere in the world, and I  had a hard time coming up with anywhere that would be better than  Santa Cruz. The weather is mild in pretty much every season (It doesn’t get much colder than 50 degrees on a winter day, and doesn’t get much warmer than 80 degrees on a summer day). It’s close to the city (San Francisco), right on the beach (our house is about 4 blocks to the beach), and has lots of great restaurants and fun things to do, while still maintaining some of that small town feel.

Last week, during a warm spell that brought our March days up to 80 degrees, husby and I enjoyed an evening stroll by the beach, and I’m pretty sure it confirmed that this is the greatest place on earth.

(Skirt – Anthropologie, Shirt – H&M, Sandals – Sam Edelman)

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Just Like A Circus

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(Pants – Vintage, Tee and Button up – J. Crew, Sandals – Sam Edelman, Watch – Marc By Marc Jacobs)

I picked up these crazy pants a couple months ago during a thrift store parade that Miss C and I went on from Santa Cruz to San Jose and back. They are such a bold print that it took me a while to work myself up to wearing them. I believe what I said to husband before I left for the day was:

“So…Do I look like a normal person, or a person that probably works at the circus?”

Whether the answer is the former or the latter, I decided I love them either way, and they shall henceforth be known as my “Party pants.” So I if you invite me to a party, be prepared, cause I’m gonna show up wearing these babies.