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High Gloss Mag and Some Awesome DIY’s

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on June 29, 2011

I was thumbing….er, flipping. Ummm, I mean clicking through the pages of High Gloss Magazine the other day. Here’s some room eye candy for you:

I LOVE the mix of these patterns and fabrics

ok….now this last one has one of the best Ikea hacks I’ve ever seen. That hot stuff Tiffany blue dresser in the back is a DIY off of some Ikea dresser. It’s courtesy of Timmy The Wiener Dog. I’m not joking. Apparently Timmy is the bomb at DIY. I am so copying that dresser. Here is another wiener original:

Super simple but sophisticated looking. And E to the Z. Find out more here

Shelf-It Up

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on June 27, 2011

I sent this image to Miss Pomp a few weeks ago, because I thought it would be perfect for her living room. A pair of them flanked on either side of the fireplace, floor to ceiling. This shelf is a super simple DIY (tell that to my husband who spent a day and many poetic lovlinesses flowing from his inner self building a straight up four shelf unit), and is architecturally interesting.

I think a room looks a bit empty and personality-less without book shelves. They bring in the cozy, authentic, this-is-me-living-in-my-home feeling, and is it not as satisfying as snooping in someones medicine cabinet to check out those books and see what people like?? It reads (no pun intended) like a Match.com profile to check out someones likes and interests. Don’t judge me by my s(Tori) Telling book. You know you love yourselves a classic episode of 90210 goodness.

Here’s some images of well styled, cozy, I-sip-tea-whilst-pontificating-about-stuff, bookshelves:


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Monochromatic Summer

Posted in Uncategorized by Miss Pomp on June 24, 2011
J. Crew Chino Short and Perfect Linen Shirt in “Modern Red”

Lately when getting dressed in the morning I’ve noticed that I am going for that matchy-matchy look that in previous years I have tried vehemently to avoid. Go figure.

Side note – cute new summer beach bag I’m wearing here is from J. Crew, on sale for $12.99. Booyah.


Spoiled Rotten

Posted in Uncategorized by Miss Pomp on June 21, 2011

The other day, husband and I took a walk to a cliff overlooking the ocean a couple blocks from our house….we happen to be INCREDIBLY spoiled with where we live….

I picked this sweater up at Anthropologie a couple weekends ago and have been pretty much living in it ever since. It is so cozy, and it’s the perfect amount of oversized that feels casual, but not too oversized like I’m wearing a sweater borrowed from a 350 lb. defensive lineman.

And this last one was taken immediately after a giant gust of wind blew my sweater ALMOST all the way off and I accidentally gave the tourists something very exciting to write home about….

(Sweater – Anthropologie, Shorts – Gap, Sandals – Sam Edelman)

Speaking Of Rugs…

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on June 20, 2011

I am loving rugs, and especially graphically patterned ones. Here’s a collection of some great ones, should you be in the market…

1. West Elm Iznik Dhurrie  2. West Elm Aegan  3. Garnet Hill Bogart Weave  4. Ballard Designs Coventry Jute  5. Garnet hill Ikat Indoor/Outdoor     6. Z gallerie Union Jack  7. West Elm Pebble  8. Potterybarn Diamond Kilim  9. Ikea  10. Ikea

Brita Sweden

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on June 16, 2011

Gorgeous, graphic indoor/outdoor rugs. Perfect for kitchens, entryways, hallways, kids rooms……oh wait. That’s everywhere. Check em’ out here



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Please, Please Me, Oh Yeah

Posted in Uncategorized by Miss Pomp on June 14, 2011

Lip Color - "Please Me" by Mac

I just purchased a new lip color that I am THRILLED with.  It’s light enough for everyday wear, but fun enough for a night out as well….Plus, the color is called “Please Me”…And let’s face it, a large reason I get excited about makeup is all of the catchy names.


So You Want Beachy Waves In Your Hair

Posted in Fashion Files, Uncategorized by Miss Circumstance on June 13, 2011

Found this great video how to get easy breezy beach wavy hair. I’m one of those dweebs who can’t seem to follow a simple three-step process unless there are pictures. I just read something recently where the girl was saying she puts her hair in three buns before she goes to bed, and I’m thinking “well, wait a minute. Is it three all across the back of your head, or three like one on top one in the middle and one at the base of your head? I don’t get it…”

So this video was awesome cause she actually shows you how to do it, and its simple simple.


Check out her beauty blog here
Side note: sorry for the lack of postage over the past couple of weeks. The thing about a blog like this is it is born out of love, and like so many passion projects, it’s done for the pleasure and joy, and it’s not your how-you-pay-for-stuff job. Which means when things get crazy busy the blog suffers. That’s my long way of saying that things have been busy, but here we are again for a new day.

And this is the dude who randomly sat in my chair

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Just snuck into sound check

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Actually walked right through an open gate