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“Those Shoes Look Like A Crotch”

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This is what Miss C. said to me when she saw these shoes… And while that may be the case (and once she said it, I realized she is definitely right), I still love them.

Adding the right shoe to any outfit can take it from “boring” (or what I like to call Simple), to fun and eye-catching…

(Shirt – J. Crew, Jeans – G Star Raw, Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell)

There they are, my beautiful, painful, leopard covered, crotch shoes.

While the right shoe can add visual interest to an outfit, in this case, it can also ensure that you can barely walk by the end of the day, and have blisters that last for a week….Note to self:  heels that shove your toes into a pointy little space ~ not your friend.

The sad part is, I love these shoes so much, I’ll probably wear them again anyway….pain, crotchy-ness and all!

Peachy Keen Jelly Bean, Pinky Winky Little Twinkie

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on November 28, 2011

ok I made up that last part. But I am flashback-to-grade-school drawn to pink lately. Blush pink, peachy pink, pale pink, pinky grey…..fried shrimp, grilled shrimp, gumbo shrimp, Cajun shrimp. I feel myself being wooed into warmer colors (but don’t worry grey. I will never cheat on you. You always will have a piece of my heart). I particularly love a peachy pink mixed with a poopy-dijan mustard brown and golds. Yum.

via House Beautiful

via Southern Living

via Lonny Mag

via Lonny Mag

What To Do With A Salvaged Dresser

Posted in Decor Files by Miss Circumstance on November 18, 2011

So the other day I got this dresser from a glorified dump for $10. It is going to go in my 8-year-old son’s room, and I can’t quite decide what to do with it. Part of me wants something unexpected and fun, and another part wants something clean and nice and classic, but beautiful.

I’ve been liking this ombre effect that I have seen in a couple of places-


While I don’t love the style of this dresser, I like the idea of opening the drawers and having them be a different color-


I love dressers that have those corner brass things with brass hardware, and I especially like it with modern glossy colors like this red or a kelly green-



A green like this?-



I also am diggin’ this dark indigo color-


I don’t know! So many choices! What do you guys think?? Any other ideas?

The Christmas Wish List He Doesn’t Know He Has…

Posted in Fashion Files by Miss Circumstance on November 16, 2011

It’s no secret Miss Pomp and I have a thang’ for Jcrew, and I especially love their kids clothes. These are the clothes I added to Jaden’s (my 8 year olds) Christmas Wish List. He has no idea. I threw in the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon cause I guess it would be nice to include something he actually wants. He wants all these clothes too…he just doesn’t know it.


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(Dress – Vintage also worn here, Bag – J. Crew, boots – Frye, Watch – Marc By Marc Jacobs, Jacket – Anthropologie, Bracelet – Vintage)

I love the details on this dress, the fabric is so beautiful, and oddly enough, totally sturdy. I know that’s a weird way to describe lace, but that’s how it feels – sturdy.

In other news, I don’t know how to dress for winter. I think it stems from my allergy to wool (like, I’m actually break-out-in-hives-allergic, not like, “oh, I don’t like it cause it’s itchy”-allergic). Everything beautiful and cozy and warm and lovely is wool in wintertime…. And so I’m still trying to figure out how to wear things I love, and stay current, without being a giant walking ball of hives all the time.

I’ll let you know if I come up with a plan.

P.S. – You can get a sneak peek of my new light fixture in the background of the first photo…It is AWESOME. Get excited people, get REALLY excited.

Is that going in the house or to the dump…

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That is what my dad would say when my mom would bring home these kinds of “treasures”. I scored all this loot for 23 bones! There are two side tables in there, two lamps, three chairs, and a dresser. With some paint and some elbow grease, they’ll be like Andie at the prom in Pretty In Pink.


*Update: I am still trying to figure out exactly how to publish blog posts from my IPad using the WordPress Ap. As you have seen, I’m still figuring out some quirks (like accidentally posting this before it was actually finished)

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A Golden Christmas (With A Smidge Of Pink)

Posted in Decor Files, Inspiration by Miss Circumstance on November 11, 2011


This is what Christmas under our tree will look like this year. Yes, I am inserting my femaleness in this house of boys. Good thing my boys appreciate a good glitter wrap when they see one. All this is from Paper Source, except the Greek Key ribbon.

Constant Companion

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(Bag – J. Crew, Blouse – J. Crew, Jeans – G-Star, Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell)

I ordered this bag a couple of weeks ago during the J. Crew promotional sale, and since the moment it arrived, it has been my constant go-to bag. It adds visual interest and makes even the most ho-hum of outfits seem fun!

AND, it just so happens J. Crew is doing another promotional sale right now! Check it out here.



Gypsy Lady

Posted in D.I.Y., Fashion Files, Inspiration, Pomp Day-By-Day by Miss Pomp on November 2, 2011

(Pants ~ Thrifted, Tank ~ H&M, Kimono ~ Anthropologie, Turban ~ Urban Outfitters, Jewelry ~ Vintage, H&M, Forever 21)

My last minute DIY Halloween Costume. I had been out of the house for all of 10 minutes when I looked at husby and said “Oh no….I just realized I would totally wear this outfit on a normal day.  That makes me weird, doesn’t it?”

In other news, I picked up these awesome, sparkly silver pants at the Goodwill last week, and am planning on keeping them in my regular rotation for quite some time.


Bedroom Update- It’s On Like Donkey Kong

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Again, sorry for the janky pics. One day I’ll get a tutorial from my photo savvy friends who can show me how to get good lighting in this room, but for now, how do you like them rugs?? It’s weird but I feel like it completely changed my room. They don’t even have any color in them. They are actually pretty boring. Yet, I love them and their little nubby cozy selves. I’m closing in on the end people! (Although don’t tell my husband but I already have in my head the next color I would paint when I get bored with this one. That doesn’t make me mental right?). THe next project is to make a headboard. Something linen with nailhead detail.

 That’s the corner to the right of my bed, and that’s all my junk on top of it. I’m mid-makeover on that ottoman I got at the goodwill for 5 bucks. I think I want to do some kind of white or super beat up leather over the top with nail heads all the way around. We’ll see.

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