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And To All A Goodnight…

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the note on my present from my brother

Pomp and Circumstance will be signing of until the New Year. When we come back there will be lots to share- Miss Pomp is getting settled into her new house (so a house tour will be in order), there are lots to share from Christmas (Santa brought some awesome loot), and I have a few fun things that I have been working on in my house to show you. I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas time.

Sweet Paul

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I found a new online magazine called Sweet Paul. It’s a shelter AND food magazine. Hello!! Here are a couple of fun things from their holiday issue

How brilliant/ simple/ clever/ way-cheaper-than-those-crazy-expensive-cage-lights is this?!

This girl makes these by hand from balsa wood and wood veneer. That is some crazy DIYing. I’m thinking maybe I should try it.  I’m into that dot one, but that looks like it takes about 100 hours. I’ve seen super large light fixtures made from the metal rings around wine barrels, that are used together to make a big orb thing. As I have shared before, I heart large light fixtures, and that one sounds pretty easy. That’s always the last thought though, then next thing you know a few weeks and many dollars later you have a pair of jacked up lamps that you bought for super cheap cause you liked the shape and thought it would be easy to spray paint the color you wanted but every time you do it cracks and chips and crackles like Keith Richards face and so you stick it in your garage with your eight other half done gone-awry DIY’s. Pheww. Ok….I’m back.

And now to the food

How good does that sound??

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“Hey Mom, You’re String Thing Looks Like An Egg Now.”

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Moral of the story: don’t hang your DIY string pendant in a room with a shower.

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It’s All About The Height

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I have always stayed away from tall vases cause I never felt I knew what to put in them and have them look good, but I love these vases in this picture. The arranging is very clever and unique. Such pretty little tablescapes. Whatever the brown flowers are in the tall white vase reminds of  all the nasty dried flower arrangements my mom had hanging everywhere when I was kid, yet, somehow, I really like it. I don’t know why.

I’ll be doing big tall sweepy things now.

Christmas is coming!! At the top of my 3 year olds list is an ambulance and “red” (your guess is as good as mine as to what that means), and my 7 year old wants a pogo stick, a ridiculous amount of Star Wars super specific paraphernalia, and footed pajamas. It’s a hard time of year to keep up the blogging, also because my husband has been hogging the laptop for school homework. What’s that?? It’s HIS laptop?? I ignore you

All I Want For Christmas Is You….And You, And You, And You.

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately guys.  Between moving, still not having the internet at mi casa, and Christmas, my life has been ca-to-the-razy!!

Here are some items I’ve been drooling over online, and most definitely wouldn’t mind finding under my tree come Christmas morn – Hint, hint…

West Elm Zigzag Rug

Eames Rocker in white – Not pregnant, just want one

Equipment Signature Blouse in Nature White

And, ladies and gentlemen, the gift of all gifts, coming in at a whopping $2,310…


 The Givenchy Nightingale Bag in Black

What’s on your Christmas Wishlist? 


A Hodge-Podge of Online Goodness

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Here are some highlights from a few current issues of online magazines

Super cute Christmas packaging

I’m tempted to print this out and make them into actual paper dolls with clothes. Though I neither play with paper dolls, nor have kids who are girls who play with paper dolls.

If I were setting a fancy table, I’d make it look like that

How cool is that bench?

Fun use of colors and patterns

Images from Covet Garden, Adore, Lonny Mag

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Zat You, Santa Claus

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We do pretty traditional trees around our house, but I always love ideas for out-of-the-box decorating, including Christmas trees. I’m a “trees need to have white lights on them, of course” kind of girl. It seriously pains me to put colored lights on trees. My son has been BEGGING me to put big colored lights on the tree, but I just can’t do it. I finally gave in to the colored lights outside this year, but I draw the line at the tree (at least for this year:-).

This is still pretty traditional, but with a bit of a twist

No secret that I have a thing for sticks

Both of these pics are from Pure Green Design, which gave me an idea for what to do with these-

which I saw on the ground at the Christmas tree lot and thought “oooooo, something cool needs to be done with these!”. And as the guy stared at me blankly as I asked him if I could have the bottoms of the trees that they cut off that were scattered about, I thought, “I am so my mother!!”.


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Miss Pomp moves next week, so we’ve been plotting away at how to make the new house “them”. And aren’t y’all a bit bored of beige? This is the inspiration board we put together for her living room-

It’s just the bigger pieces, and doesn’t include the throw pillows and do-dads that make a room feel homey. It will look something like that, with some slight variation. How much do you love that little shiny silver side table from West Elm?? So in their new house is a cute little office with wood floors, a sliding glass door (read- good amount of light), and some great built-in book shelves and desk (architectural elements. They make a house). And isn’t an office a great place to do something a little different and not so run-of-the-mill? I was poking around Design Sponge last week and came across this-

I think it is such a cool color! Pale peach-pinky-salmony. And how great would it look with this rug by Nate Berkus-

Kind of an unusual color combo, right?! But I think it could be cool and unique and worth a go. Let’s put them all together shall we?

So what do you think Miss Pomp?

You’ve Been A Bad Little Blogger…

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That’s the text I received from Miss Circumstance last night, and it’s true. There is no denying it. Between Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas shopping, and MOVING IN A WEEK, I have been MIA on the blog scene.

Sincerest apologies.

Today, I fell completely in love with the most recent Shopbop lookbook, Haute Rebellion, whilst realizing at the same time that I am nowhere NEAR cool enough to sport any of these looks.

A girl can dream…

I gotta get me some biker boots and a black fringy purse!

Check out the entire lookbook here.